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Is that something you do on a regular basis because you're running you've gone. I mean relatively quickly from cannon arca transam. Do you run a lot of sim style programs for training thing or is it really just hands on yeah. We try to go there as much as we can and <hes> if i'm going to a new track where they're practicing that new track in does help. It's really cool. I wish i could explain it in aviation. We rely on simulators because there's so many things we can do in the box that you would never ever do in the airplane. Do you find yourself either without a sim availability running i racing or are you an eraser at i have done a little bit of i racing but once i was on the tortoise as like yeah even though it's as real as it is. It's still a game up gotcha so do you find yourself after a assim session and then you go to this track that you have been to before going whoa this is different than i thought <hes> well the same it really helps because you see your surroundings things and you come up with marks of where you need to turn it really accurate. It's so accurate yeah so it really does help with that when you're in the same. It really does feel like you're at that track back now. Let's talk about something that kinda got famous for you this year the hatful. I think it was kentucky. Tell the folks what happened there and what happened with the hat because that thing blew up on social media you were you. Were like an overnight celebrity after that. What happened on those. That was pretty funny funny. You're right correct me three times for no reason. I don't know why no history or anything. I never even knew him until i was racing. Refresh who we're talking talking about expensive. Okay okay yeah so this time. I don't know what he was thinking like. He was in front of me and going into turn one any like up to clear himself and he wasn't clear silverlake. He right reared himself and i would have been fine. If <hes> the number three didn't get into meet a push me more to him so so i think like we would have been fine and could've kept racing <hes> but i was just like what were you thinking sponsor like. That's what i told him and he just said oh i don't know and so i just got so angry with them. I was like this is the third time spencer so. I flipped his hat off his head. I couldn't do anything if i hit him in the hat up and made it a celebrity put it on his car or something something on the way home yeah now. I still don't talk to them. We have five races left that you're going to run vegas talladega martinsville phoenix and homestead the only two tracks you could remotely share the same are vegas and homestead. Maybe in their different kinda different yeah. That's really barely yeah yeah so of the five. What do you look forward to the most and what's the most challenging <hes>. I'm really looking forward to talladega. I love my first time on on a superspeedway absolutely fall in love with it so i'm really looking forward to that but vegas is the next up and coming right so that's the one i'm looking forward to the most. We've already been there at the beginning beginning. This season and i really enjoyed it. I'm pretty sure that was my best friend. I had and i'm really excited back. Who vegas thanks right. What can go wrong and everything that happens in vegas. Stays is in vegas now as you move through the rest of the season. I'm not sure if you're kidding or not but you said you don't think you're really friends with any of the guys who who do you lean on. Who do you get <hes> advice from because most young drivers when they come up they find that one person who's willing to help them a little bit and talk to them..

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