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Providence journal's Madeline list with the story that police in providence are investigating after somebody through. A piece of concrete through the window of registered sex offenders home in Washington park over the weekend. Residents of the neighborhood have been outraged and we've been talking about this since this man Richard Gardner moved into their neighborhood. Last year is move sparked nightly protests outside his New York avenue home in for a period of time. Mayor Jorges Elorza ordered a two person police detail to watch the residents around the clock, but somebody smashed the window at about oh, ten twenty pm on Saturday. That's according to providence. Police major David Lapatin. He said on Tuesday that the nightly protest outside gardeners. Home had stopped last fall. The around the clock detail was reduced to just one person that detail between six in the morning. Eight PM around the time that Gardner was released from custody after an arrest on misdemeanor charges, but the reduced ours detail was stopped on Friday. According to lapeyton, he said, the expense was just dramatic. And he said we had to make a decision here. We felt that the neighborhood has had enough time to adjust to Mr.. Being there. Well, apparently, it has not so the home of the sex offender Richard Gardner was vandalized. Here's a story. We haven't heard in a while, according to the Providence Journal and Patrik Andersson the lawsuit from eight acrobats who plunged to the Dunkin donuts center floor during a circus performance. Five years ago is the latest high profile case after thirty eight studios in the Saint Joseph pension collapse in which lawmakers may use the provision and state law to actively encourage settlement house majority leader Joe McCarthy last week, he introduced a Bill that would protect defendants who settled in the Ringling Brothers case against lawsuits from fellow co-defendants. He said to say that he filed the Bill with the understanding that could help the quasi state Rhode Island Convention center authority, which owns the Dunkin donuts center, by the way, and is one of the defendants in this case. So in the lawsuit filed in superior court back in two thousand sixteen those women injured when rigging failed during an aerial hair. Hanging act asked for. Unspecified damages for pain and suffering medical costs and lost wages suit. Also names Pennsylvania-based S M G, which manages the dunk as well as the convention center. She Karchi says the joint torque Caesar, that's provision. Bill would be put in place allowing defendants to make decisions independently it allows settlements to happen. That's what he said convention center. Authorities and officials could not be reached for comment about the Bill on Tuesday. But that the case that accident happened to all the way back five years ago. Of course, Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus since closed down. But the people who run that they also run ice shows and other events feld befell corporation. They remain in business award church damaged by fire. As started the first phase of its rebuilding process in here is Ashley colonnade from NBC ten for Caroline Gary Christian since this photo album brings him on a trip down memory lane. Yeah. That's a great job memories of loves architectures, actually from when we were married nineteen Eighty-one and loss. My dad's funeral was there all in one place, the Woodbury union church the church where we centered our lives around the night before thanksgiving instead of faithful members flames and smoke filled the building it was so surreal that we we really it didn't say again, what berry union church is now empty the windows are boarded up and inside. There is so much damage but could change this week as phase one of the rebuild begins. They'll probably see dumpsters being filled with debris christianson is chair of the rebuild committee. He just hired contractor Bauer men and associates our looking at once they've removed, the debris is see what kind of shape the pews around think Benedict's church has been Woodbury temporary home. The demolition is covered by insurance. The community has raised seventy five thousand dollars for the rebuilt. We're pretty confident that a law come together. Very well Christian since the new church will be roughly the same. Size in designed. He says he's cautiously optimistic members will be back in the new church by next spring to make new memories. The great thing is all the people are still here. This one's got me raising an eyebrow or two I've only got two Madeleine list in today's Providence Journal said the providence city council claims committee yesterday voted to continue discussions about a separation agreement for civil Bailey, the city's former director of human resources who resigned earlier this month, the committee discussed the agreement for about an hour in a private session. That was all hush hush. After the meeting committee chair nNcholas Ducci representing ward four on the city council said that he couldn't make any comments in the matters discussed during the private session. But that a separate agreement is separation agreement would be taken up again at the committee's next meeting. Now Bailey resigned back on February the fourth in the city agreed to pay her a severance of one hundred twenty seven thousand dollars pay Oliver accrued and unused vacation. And continue to provide her health and dental insurance through February twenty eighth twenty twenty according to the ship ration- agreement which came before the city council two weeks ago council voted to send the matter to the claims committee. Nobody answered the door the journal said yesterday at an address listed for Bailey, and she didn't respond to messages sent on social media or even a note that they left on her door separation agreement which Bailey signed on February the fifth includes a confidentiality clause. That says Bailey can't share the details of the agreement or disclose. Any confidential information or documents related to the city Bailey? Also must agree that she will not disparage the city, it's elected and appointed officials administrators employee's agents representatives and those associated with the city, she also can't sue city hall. So this is curious city is mum on the deal for the X human resources chief man that she walk away with a bundle one hundred twenty seven thousand two hundred seventy eight bucks Oliver. Crude unused vacation days and then health and dental from February the twenty eighth twenty twenty. Wow, what a parachute a contractor claims that. He is owed over twenty one thousand dollars for project that he was doing with the DMV Susan Campbell. From eyewitness news with the story. Andrew verte was hired last year to work on the new one socket DMV branch need metal framing drywall and Cousteau ceiling work injury says he was paid for some of his work to about two thirds. But claims he's still owed about twenty one thousand dollars. No one's like return. My call injury says he was hired by John forty year of integral real estate solutions Connecticut-based general contractor emails from January twenty eighteen show the two haggling over Andrew's cost forty or finally rights. I will make it work reach out to the contractor multiple times. It was very hard to get in touch with. You know, kept saying weaning on money waiting on money. So we tracked down the owner of the plaza. Who's based out of New Jersey in a phone interview? Erikson Barca's who manages the property claimed. There was no paper trail, documenting the work that had been completed or the money that had been paid out. The Vargas declined to say how much his company paid the general contractor, but confirmed the final payment was withheld. Unfortunately, we got involved with the contractor who isn't doing the right things of Arca said adding the contractor oh subs. More than we owe him when we asked about Andrew's works, specifically Zubrowka said, I can't go blindly cut checks to contractor ex and contractor why. So the next step is court Barca's says his company plans to sue the general contractor, which means Andrews payday is still in limbo. It's difficult to budget. The general contractor John forty or hasn't returned any of our phone calls according to records, he gave up his registration to work in Rhode Island last November as spokesperson for the DM. Tells me Rhode Island has a five year lease on the property paying about six thousand dollars a month. According to the lease rent includes the cost of the landlords, work repairs and maintenance Susan Campbell. From eyewitness news, Cathy greg- in today's Providence Journal talk in politics, saying while the opportunity to choose a new state GOP chair is turned into a multi-candidate soul-searching exercise for the state's beleaguered Republicans Warwick Representative Joseph McNamara seeking reelection as the state Democratic Party chair with no known challengers at this particular time, a moderate democrat McNamara. First elected as the chair of the state's dominant political party in October of two thousand and fourteen. He retired by the way back in two thousand twelve after three seven years as an administrator and a teacher of special education, physical education and health in the Pawtucket school system. So right now, he's unopposed this one caught my eye this morning. A group of lawmakers in Oregon they wanna lower the voting age, and they're pushing legislation to amend the state constitution. To reduce it from age eighteen to sixteen and they're hoping to put the measure on the ballot. For twenty twenty though the Bill would allow Oregon residents to vote in all elections starting at the age of sixteen. But if it does go into effect, it may end up only applying to the state and local elections democratic state Senator there Shemaya Fagin said at a press conference earlier in the week sixteen and seventeen year olds should have quote a chance to participate in the ballot about decisions that affect their homes. They're clean air their future their schools and their lives in general voting age nationally was lowered from twenty one to eighteen with the ratification of the twenty sixth amendment to the US constitution back in nineteen seventy-one, which took place amid the Vietnam war. Of course when teenagers were being drafted. But they couldn't vote and couldn't have a beer legally in a lot of places either. What do you think about that? Oregon lawmakers want to lower the voting age to sixteen would you support that would you be in favor of lowering the voting age to sixteen for local elections and local doings? That's our poll question today like to hear from you at NewsRadio RI dot com. Yes. No wanna leave a comment on that question. You go to the Facebook page for the program, and we will have your results in comments tomorrow morning. There was no question yesterday. The feds are knocking on the door saying we're here from the government. We're here to help. And that's to help businesses still recovering from the Newport gas outage, here's Eric Halpern. From eyewitness news tables are set again at hungry. Monkey ready for crowd after a busy morning. It's one of two local businesses..

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