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Newest catch members? On sons of anarchy right now. Rachel some more drama true feedings, we if lawns basketball wise. That's a great lavar is is pretty bright in one in his kids. Not just the opposite because he'd have opportunity New Orleans, but this is a team that's starved star for a point guard and a point guard of his salad plate wants to just get it up. Get other guys involved. It would be irony of having had three of those kinds of point guards. At one point. Let's keep talking about it. But here's the thing you tell me lavar ball Roberts over I'm telling you, they need their own spin all show spinoff own show. This is owned Joe in show within a show is some. I know key is a whole is Asian Robert, lavar, that's a whole different show by itself. I I actually liked this look for him if they can make this happen. I expected more out of Lonzo in his sophomore year in the league. But of course. You know, bring LeBron James. So your your team changed everything gonna have to take backseat? I actually think he will flourish and become the player that I of you know, I predicted that he could become a Jason kill like, you know, playing along with those two young players Booker and the under eighteen I think it's a perfect fill several people yesterday noting that if the ball family did end up getting Phoenix, and lavar was running around criticizing ownership as he has done another places. At least everyone in the city would agree with him. So. Coming up. We're gonna airport one of Tracy nice at down with Kobe Bryant. This interview is so good. We are splitting up into two segments of this show because we have so much to show you they discuss their early friendship there on court rivalry so much more next. You are watching the jump state tuned for this. Thursday of one PM eastern. Oh, yes. We will be live for three hours leading up to the NBA trade deadline this show..

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