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Of Tyson, Joe Stian, the avalanche? That is the game. You know, we got decide one way or another. What we're gonna do nuggets or avalanche tonight. We're going after We're going to ABS broadcast starts at 7 30 Puck drop just after eight o'clock. And then tomorrow we will have the nuggets and nets. We'll see if James Harden is available for the game. I doubt it. So we got Avalanche tonight. Nuggets tomorrow and then the ABS and nights. I had it wrong yesterday kept saying Wednesday Wednesday they play the King's again. So they go. Kings tonight. Kings tomorrow. Right? And then Monday, they play Vegas and then they play the king's again and then one more time and then onward and upward to the postseason. Just to get our broadcast schedule straight for you Tonight. It will be abs and kings tomorrow. Nuggets nets. That's a late start as well. 7 30 broadcast time and then Monday Same thing. Another late later, puck drop, but it will be a good one probably decide the division. Game on Monday. They're both teams will play games. Believe after that. A zoo will have to Cause they have the game in hand. They'll play two games. Nights will play the Sharks later next week. For all intents and purposes. ABS need one first and foremost need to take care of business tonight and tomorrow, but They gotta win on Monday. They do that They got a great shot. Of winning the division and getting home ice. Because even though the president's trophy is basically out of their reach, because Carolina Um Studio home eyes throughout the Western Conference playoffs. Which Is always significant. Mean, regardless of how it shakes out. We know we're going to see Vegas, Colorado around two and whoever wins that will dispatch of whoever comes out the other division. I think we're all agreed on that. And it's not too far away. MBA playoffs Stanley Cup playoffs. We'll hear all the Nuggets ABS games, please. Schedule makers don't make him play on the same night at the same time. Only ran into of that a couple of times last year, but, um We'll have all the games unless the schedule makers don't do us any favors, and we have both of them on the same night. Here on extra sports 1300. We'll also have some extra Stanley Cup playoff games. On the radio station as well. In addition to the switchbacks, so Busy, busy life sports here on extra sports. 1300 Oh, what else did I want to get into? Before we go? I had something. Oh, um, You should read what Daniel Allen Tuck wrote. In the Gazette. No, I've done this before. I've said you should really read an article and then I get pushed back because it's paid for thing. If you have a subscription, which I would advocate for you to do so support local journalism, but Just good journalism. If you but if you either get one, or you already have one. Check out what Daniel Allen Tuck wrote in The Gazette had a lot of quotes from Nolan in there. We played one for you that Earlier on in the show. Um Said. It wasn't miserable. That's the direct quote from Nolan or not, Oh, Wasn't miserable. 2020 was just a tough year in General. Okay? Was pretty miserable for us, Nolan Do you ever think about what we had to go through last year? Following this Drama. I don't know. I'm kind of over it. I mean, honestly. I think it's more because The next thing is here, like to Trevor Story, John Gray thing that's here. That's Yeah, I figured that out like that. That trade was horrendous and Jeff Bright itches gone. Dick Monfort is not going anywhere. Mark Kanoute's in earlier in the show, said he wants to hand the team over to his son. So Look what I'm not saying what's done is done and forgiven. Forget and all that kind of stuff. I'm just saying, I'm onto the next thing. I want to know what they're going to get for Trevor Story. And I have decided that I would like Clint Frazier. Is it because he's redheaded? Maybe Or how about this Trevor story for D. J. Lo Mayhew, who says now? I haven't heard a lot. On that. I know we're still early..

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