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I just take you and your it until you take somebody else. Albert Breer. No, no, I'm not playing a game. I'm reading learning. And I'm not okay on Chicago's home first sports. What bird? Is it? Yeah. Albert Prayer brought to you by Valparaiso University is our guy and Albert. Welcome to the cap. Jay Hood shows you do every Tuesday. So I was in Valparaiso, Indiana, doing a college game the other night last Thursday, and my radio whenever I get out, the car told he's on Am 1000. I get in the car like an hour and a half drive back, and I'm like Wait a minute. That's Albert Breer on our station. You were on the national show. And you said correct me if I'm wrong. They said. Where do you think to Sean? Lots of takes his first snap next season? And your answer was the Houston Texans. Do you still believe that? I mean, I just don't know where it's going to go. So I think like if you had to do percentages right now, the highest percentage of the Houston Texans, you know, because Look like right now. The Texans are so long anybody who tries to make an offer and in turn the shot the shot watch and isn't returning. The Texans calls so until something changes there. We're sort of nowhere and, you know, I think there's two ways to look at this. If you're Nicholas aerial 11 hand it's Like you have what everybody is looking for, which is the sort of quarterback that you can compete for the next 10 years with against Patrick, the homes and the chief. So you have that, and that's why we're seeing so much quarterback movement across the NFL because everybody's looking for that sort of quarterback now. The flip side like I, You know, Do you really want to saddle a new coaching staff with this for the next six months Because that's the risk that it could drag on one day. They don't have to do it right now. As much of anything because Like it's not like Sean Watson's values go plummet three months like his values gonna hold, so I do think they at least have the luxury of time here and trying to figure things out. You know, Nick Assyrians got to figure out one thing Albert, and that is do not refer to the shot. Watson has the player or the asset. That's a new one thing and that if I'm watching, that rubs me the wrong way, because I'm not a New England patriot like it's the equivalent of Mike Thomas saying Do you? Hey, What do you think of the host that you work with? They think the host is doing well, You're talking about capper Jay Hood. Which one? Right? So I think that from that standpoint it could there be a disconnect for watching is like You call me the player Shawn Watson. I would give my Thomas a very straightforward nana stance. If they ask me about the host will be in there fighting for, you know, a guy like you know what? I see what it sort of felt bad for Nick on that. I'll be honest, like I've heard people intentionally do that before we hear Joe Judge with a little bit of it back in the summer. If you are roll the clock back, and he has a familiar with this 2000 and nine Were Josh McDaniels referred Jay Cutler that way before he was traded. So, like I couldn't understand the sensitivity towards it. I also think if you listen to the whole press conference, he called him to Sean by name, like 30 times. You know what I mean? Like, and I think like I think we can cut him a break there and that That was an honest slip up, you know, and You know? Yes. Used to a certain vernacular, and you've been talking a certain way for so long, Like sometimes things can slip And I don't think there was any sort disrespect meant towards the shot. Watson there. Because if you listen, I think you probably find a 0.5 or 10 seconds later where he said the word to Sean and probably five or 10 seconds earlier where he said the word to Shawn So I don't think that there was any disrespect meant there. And I don't think was intentional. I think that was more of a slipped in anything else. And I don't think that that's something that's gonna I'll put it this way out. And that's gonna cause a huge problem between the stereo and the Sean mainly because I think the problem right now is in between. Stereo into Shawn. It's not between David Coli into Shawn. It's between ownership in the shot. So when you look at 18 potential quarterback moves, and you know you were on here with us last week talking about there's gonna be a ton of them and we see Stafford goes and Now there's rumors the Bears might be looking at Carson Wentz, are we finding less emphasis on dead money in contracts where teams are like you know what? I don't care? I'm willing to eat that money. I got to get a guy. Well, it just depends on the terms. You know what I mean? Like, Are you a great player or mass staffers? A great player. You know what I mean? Are you a are? Are you going to do something for me? If I am willing to hang on to the dead cat money, you know, and like in the case of the Rams, you know they trade Jared Goff. You know, really lives in MBA element that trade and then I think the Rams had to pay a little more because the lines were gonna take on Jared Goff's contract. And so I think it's sort of I don't know. Way to look at the dead money. Part of it is it is part of the picture. And so if ISA team we're gonna have to take on dead money to trade a player and that player then becomes like an affordable deal for somebody else. Well, then. Yeah, you know, like I You know, I'm gonna expect you to give me a little bit more because you're getting the player in a cheaper rate. I'm on the flip side. If there's a ton of guaranteed money for a player, that's not worth it. Well, then you're gonna have to give me something to take on that contract. So I think we almost have to sort of look at these things. Whether it's dead money on a deal that makes it feel more affordable for the team that trading for him, or it's guaranteed money that somebody's gonna be responsible for. Um, you know, this past with the players value is you just have to sort of look at that as part of the mosaic when you're looking at a draft copy of the draft, pick compensation or whatever is coming back for whatever players Harbor, which cornerback could pay dividends for their team. The soonest innit Stafford with Los Angeles or golf in Detroit. Well, I I There's such different situations, You know..

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