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Good as great as neza grenade burn right there it gives e e you follow the wizards at all you know about their tenor though the relationship problems at the wall apparently has of the teammates although i in reading the story to know this he bought a ma rolexes this year he buys off at the blind rolexes i don't know who bought a rolexes four but but the team all did yeah so i don't know if that's like like hey glued take this that we can make mend the fences or hedges thanks for everything out by the rolexes grey or whatever i don't know if he made over by anything now they're expecting anything either wall dinner dinner is good enough for me but that was a you say was a credit card relax sometimes sometimes events would pay but a lot of times as credit card ruler clot that it mind credit card relive after a some efforts deal then i had money to pay for it before that who though i let her i would like a rook that was that was tough i mean literally you started you've pulley credit card out of there but clinton time uh sakubu god i felt they had like a like the nfl if like the offensive lineman went out or something and they did that you know that now lima turkish crushing it again my biggest one with benny honda's benny hana 100dollarbill that with laker both were the into my rookie years it wasn't like a ton of money i could afford it but it hurt in her as a damn negative a big girl and guys like it'd be seven of his eight of us this is pretty good group breathed early they close it like it all mr with so fired up to that's what upset me who has made on lifted over the two credit card left and they pulled his mind was last as like a man who was all fired up mike digitally 10year you can afford this i know but i don't have to best here uh of a guy day so is it over like.

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