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Dodd's John, John John that John? I don't wanna talk about thrones. That's what you told me today. I don't wanna talk about doing this. Why are we doing this? I was Lee you're unaware that. We now have a weekly game of thrones show, and at that time hap- without my permission here, how am I here? And you sit that to me without knowing I was gonna come to you tonight. It'd be like Joe twice as many people. Listen to the game shows they are normal show. Yeah. That's one bad thing. So tell me why you don't wanna talk about. Tell me man as stole man. I mean. Here's what I think. Because I noticed your little. Toped? You know, we watch the episodes get your little tabs. I don't think I was that perturb was a little perturbed. Well, one if I was going to talk about thrones with anybody the worst person I would wanna talk to about it is night bad things over any bad things one whenever you do predictions to good at TV predictions. Honestly, think mystery calling with being TV producer because whatever it is. You get it. You get the story lines. You get the Rx get what's most likely going to happen. You just get a predicting it. So I was like well Spencer said there's probably get chances happen. And I don't like that. I don't like stuff being ruined for me. And. I don't know. I just like every time people talk about thrones. There's always kind of a negative connotation because everyone recognizes this everyone knows it's not as good as it should be. There are a lot of flaws in the story that you can't overcome. And we're just all kind of the way I want the way I wanna approach throws. And the way I approach to this season. I didn't listen any podcast in listen any deep dives in analysis because a live as a negative connotation. The reality is. It's just you gotta accept the good. The good moments. You gotta take them. And you got enjoy them. Because the reality is kind of like the way I see it as like a team that you really love. That's got a lot of great players. But they're missing like the key player or the the star. Like, isn't that great or there's something wrong with the coach? And in my opinion. That's the double DS, not Pat Riley, and Tim Duncan not Emmett Smith, which is what they need to be for us to for this to be how as good as it needed to be where they are Scott Brooks regime, Rondo and Jay Cutler to color. They they don't have it. The actors and the story of game of thrones that they got was impeccable. They have unlimited money have directors just knocking on their door begging to come in. But the reality is these guys aren't that great a producers, they don't have they don't have the pedigree. David benef- was doing before game of thrones trolling an x men origins over rain. You know at Daniel Weiss was doing a halo film adaptation. The reality is these guys looked way better than they actually were the beginning of thrones because George are Martin gave them gold. And when that ran out the flaws became just over evidence, they have too many characters they don't know what to do with all of them. And they don't I think they're the problem. And and the Saraj is a story is not going to get corrected because George are Martin is done. He's not coming back. He's. Checked out. He might make like another book. But everyone thinks he's going to right this ship. And he's going to correct all these things. He's not he he doesn't care. He doesn't think like us like we we think like oh knows his work is getting tarnished. Like, how can you accept that? These stories have flaws has got to come out. He's probably already done with. No, he he doesn't care. He really he may care, but he doesn't care enough to to finish this, man. The out. I think a lot of people project the way they think they would react on like stars. And George are mar is like, you know, if you take athlete and gaming algae to end, and it's like, why would the Bronco and play for the Lakers could just win like nine championships. Why isn't George mar just do nothing else? But write this book. No, these guys don't think the same way you do. And maybe he. It doesn't feel like he has anything to prove for this. Okay. So basically one saying is I just want to enjoy the good moments accept it for what is and move on. I don't wanna like have like negative talks go. This could be improved at said this happen. They should have done this like, obviously, isn't that a sign of love though. Yes, I love thrones. I do and I don't want. I don't wanna say negative stuff that I wanna I don't wanna dissect it, we talk. And but I see I see it as we only dissect things like this. If we love it like, that's before you even text me today. One of the things I was going to talk about because you know, I saw that stuff too. I saw a lot of negative reactions. I saw really a it was like a three pronged thing. It was like some people. Really hated it. Somebody will. In fact, I had I experienced this firsthand. I had one friend text me that was the biggest letdown he's ever experienced. And then one friend said, oh my gosh. It was amazing do friends who couldn't respect more respect more about. Their culture and TV opinions and they had completely opposite reactions. And then there was me who respected the heck out of it was really into the whole thing that thought it was suspenseful. And then once I got done. I was like, well, there's this and there's that. But ultimately, it's still the best thing on television. Yes. So that's one of the things. I was going to say is the only reason I wanna talk about it this much because I love it. And that should be understood like, I gave thrones is amazing. What that episode is amazing. All you have to do is watch the behind the scenes thing to say all the work in detail that they put into no the episode was incredible. Right. The acting the directing it. But we it's amazing. I it's just we scrutinize it like this because we have such high expectations for it. And do like you do great team. But I really think.

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