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Jank now the days of oilfield workers wasting countless hours lost searching for pump jacksonville pads in a maze of unmapped. Lease rose or over. Well site navigator. The most downloaded oilfield mobile app ever now offers turn by turn directions. To over one million wills through lease road navigation technology. We've mapped tens of thousands of miles of lease road. You can't find anywhere else and were always add more with our reliable directions. Oilfield workers can drive right to the well. Site and share custom routes locations. Get more done each day. Try well side navigator for free and get a ten dollar amazon gift card for every friend you sense. Don't get lost. Get well side navigator. I mean this is the studio makes it look like we're going to film something for the dark web and not exactly for re fascinated by that so first off. I guess we're starting. I don't mind starting like during i don't mind starting during conversation. I'm completely fine with that do you. Do you remember a time where you're scared about dark web. We actually thought he actually had people out there. Like look like they're really remember. The move. The net with sandra bullock the net. os watch. Yes we had to click the like on. Yeah yeah yeah no. Because i'm usually jenner. Generally i'm not afraid of things that i just don't understand really no i'm trying to think that's a great way to great way to put some and so so anyway so everyone student right now. This energy group podcast your host. Jp worn. I'm sitting here with john. Simmons over at cloud break enterprise which a great name for a company by the way..

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