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East in the Atlantic but again it is not threatening land overseas even as president trump says the so called Islamic. state or ISIS has been a hundred percent defeated US commanders tell CBS news the terrorists are planning a comeback in a CBS news exclusive correspondent Holly Williams got access to American commanders in Syria who rarely talk to journalists she also visited an ISIS prison camp in here is her report prisons house twelve thousand accused ISIS fighters according to their gods including forty five hundred foreign as their make shift and overcrowded on our recent visit we were told and escape could happen at any moment the commanding general of American backed Syrian forces told us the prisons are ticking time bombs he wants foreign governments to take this citizen's home but very few are willing this is CBS news. CBS news radio is your home for breaking news with our team of reporters around the country and the world we give you the coverage you can trust. ever wonder why Europeans seem to speak so many languages maybe it's because they use babble the number one selling language learning Japanese battles award winning technology gets you speaking right away whether you're learning Spanish French or German and best of all you'll remember what you've learned I always thought I was bad at languages but after using battle I can tell you I was just taught the wrong way using battles ten to fifteen minute lessons you can be speaking confidently in your new language within weeks I was amazed that I.

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