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It's going to be like about valid the valley, you know, like what know the valve I'm back in it. So, what did you think I just finished episode to this morning now? We're getting somewhere episode 2. Yeah. I stopped after episode one because episode one was so boring. They had to sit at this whole story. So for those who don't know we're talking about The Vow is an HBO Max bout docu-series about Nexium, which is kind of like if you went to go by Scientology on wish next term is what would come in the mail and I buy a nerdy like El Ron Hubbard was at least kind of like a big guy, you know had this, uh, I don't know energy about and there's like a little pipsqueak nerdy dude that just wants to to bang out. It's really so he has this whole He creates this whole thing the Scientology type thing as as kind of a mask for what's really going on, which is he has a second choice called going on and the background Yeah, well the Forefront was a like a self-help like be the best that you can be, you know. Yeah, and then behind behind it all was a what-do-you-call-it. I'm taking the best of the best women wise and then bringing them back into a secret group within the group and it was branding them which I I just got to the part where they showed the brake and which looks disgusting. By the way. My brand is going to be way better from my sex my gun. I already have a design already hired the best graphic designers. It's going to be fantastic sound like Donald Trump. Yeah. I know brand has ever been better. Are you going to hire Allison Mack design it? Yes. That's the whole reason why I'm even interested in the story is because of Allison Mack I have had a crush name is Matt from you know small really from it was Honey We Shrunk Ourselves. She was the daughter in that. Oh she was yeah. Oh the third one the one that just went straight to VHS. I think. Yeah, but she The daughter and that and then she was on Smallville and I've always thought she's super hot and for all these years have been trying to get her on the show. And you know, all that little did I know she was tied up with Nexium this whole time we were trying to get her on the show and I always had this fantasy we say tied up. Yeah. She she was getting branded. You can't just be free to move when you're getting branded. I thought she was I don't know if she got brand. I think she was the one doing The Branding. Yeah. She was she was like the the recruiter. Yeah, cuz he she was like, so what he did was he would be brainwashed toilet. Well, okay. I mean, it's already been like I know news I know he's talking about and I I did watch the first episode of this and it was rough right when it was like you just woke up and give me get me to the sex slave part pretty much we know all this other so you don't have to tell us how to organize it wouldn't file the LLC and they you know, they they did this they didn't that they filed their tap. I don't care about all that job. It right to the sex life part. So yeah episode to you started getting into that and so Allison Mack was like the recruiter. She was bringing in girls for this this cult. And yeah, I always had this fantasy. I would have her on the show one day, you know on the phone or whatever and I would do such a great job that she would fall in love with me little did. I know that that could have very well been true had I just had this crazy cult. Hey, yeah, you go to pick it out girls that will get branded for me. Yeah. Absolutely. I actually I'm doing that in my current job right now. Perfect off your high already. You already have someone for that position to yeah. She goes by the name of Satan. Oh, yeah. That's right. That's a that's a recruiter right there. That is a recruiter wage. See your Jolene Maxwell. Why don't like to associate with Jeffrey Epstein so no, but she's my Allison Mack. I've always thought about creating a cult that just so long. And just as a joke to see who had signed up for it. Like, you know Alf is the we get our teachings from Alf the alien from Melmac, you know, or something like that and then at the same time I could use that should cover. Yeah, I give you that as a cover for my my sex cold like all cults. It's like if you did then I get too deep into it. Yeah, they're all sects Cults home. I just presented as something else most of the time I'm scared that I do this whole cult thing and then I I start believing the teachings of alpha male Mac and then I just I buy into it because it's so true and that was going to say next thing. You know, I'm Dave crash. I would probably say I would say you more like knowing all at all of it and then getting bored and wanting to leave but now you can't because you have so many followers are you you're trying to escape at this point. Yeah, I'm from and then they make a documentary about me escaping Melmac compound Melmac trying to get a stop eating cats. Yeah. That's that's how we got our nourishment from cats dead. That's how we survive because cats are survivors. See I'm already starting to think about it and believe it already Clark had a health scare this week. We don't know anything about he's been teasing it all week. I've been in the same thing with Clarke this week. And so now I'm starting to get worried about what I should be expecting to see on my my results. So I went to expect I expect you up to and so like last Sunday after I got done recording I had felt a little sick and you looked really bad to well. That's just that's just the net and the nature of things lately month. So I had like this by just the thing where it was heartburn and I took a heartburn pill that my sister had his prescription not the heart burn out but I still had pressure in my chest. Yeah, and every time I sat down it was hard for me to breathe and I was like what the hell is going on here? So me one get on WebMD this week. We were all in the same room together while he is having all these issues so if he had coded wage, Now exposed so well, we'll get that later. Oh, there's more. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I haven't even gotten to the scary part. So I started having my name's these chest pains and I I go to I go to work on Monday and I have to pass a health screening, but when I get to work, I'm all nauseous and I have chest pains and hard for me to breathe. I couldn't pass my health screening. So what it means I sort of go to work you have to this is a daily thing for you guys. Yes every day. I have to I have to fill out questions that have I been near someone that's acceptable Bose. Am I experiencing these systems or have I been tested for covid-19 and take your time mature? They can still but they don't need to because of the screening process the screening process though is on the honor System though, so you don't worry and you got the form you're like did you do this? And you just say no, I'm pretty much is they're not taking your typical we can still take the temperature. Okay, if but if you're still just trying to work and you feel good knowing you may have covid-19..

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