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This reminded them all of benz words less not more when the double klang rang out announcing that the last of the workers had left for the day they all gathered by the junk yard pond to share their ideas at first the discussion was loud and confused with everyone promoting their ideas at once but then sergeant held up a pau and said i am eager to hear all of these ideas but one at a time i am sure that we can find a solution that will work for everyone georgia bean perhaps you and the mice should go first will we only got pot way said the kindly rat the mice were happy to give up their showers but i'm sure you will agree that going to bed covered an sod duster whatever else they dug through that day is not it visable so been here thought that collecting the water might be a more appropriate solution and then the mice found a plastic turbe over in the treasures and thought perhaps their nightly showers could take place in there that way all the water could be reused for will something else but we are and at present sure of what that is oh called little mama who started hopping up and down i know what i know what low momma said sergeant turning to the busy rabbit what is your idea dwell sally and i considered all sorts of alternate sources of water for the garden like building a rainwater collecting system out of buckets and jars but that would only help after it rains we didn't know how to water right now but we could use the water from your shower tub don't you think that's it called some mice our showers can be used for watering the garden called a few others it's working hits working cheered the rest well done everyone said sergeant with a nod we are already saving water.

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