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Voice of the cardinals KOMO x. in the. First innings today against Tyson Ross struggled some a walk a, hit a walk, that setup Rosell Herrera at the ball to the right. Side Patrick wisdom making his major league debut, playing at first base had the ball go off, the heel of his glove and e three but the run was going to score anyway. As Gordon broke down the line on the ball hit the I had the bases loaded and it was one to nothing at, that, point but his. Pitcher Tyson Ross picked up Patrick wisdom and the rest of the team by getting. Bonifazio to ground into a five four three double play the cardinals were able to tie the game at one with, a single by Jose Martinez will to outscoring Patrick wisdom who got. On with an infield hit his first major league it in the third but the royals had an answer in the bottom of the. Third this was a very interesting inning with two outs Salvador Perez hit a high pop down the right field, line and a long run Broza Martinez. Martinez went into a slide Couldn't catch the ball the ball hit down just fair took a sidekick into the stands for, a ground, rule double the very next batter Lucas Duda Duda ripped a single to. Center field and Salvador Perez broke for the plate on a, short hop baiter, picked the ball through a strike yada your Melina Perez. Went sliding around Yati and as Peres missed, with the left hand reach for the plate with, the right touch the plate and then Yati tagged him just a split second later on. The face safe at the plate two to one Kansas City the next batter Rochelle Harare had a base hit to centerfield due, to, try to score. But this time baiter threw him out that was a day to play and the. Sixth outfield assists for Harrison baiter this season for the rookie so two to one and Jacob Jonas gave up just, one run on three hits over six innings ninety six pitches he. Didn't walk anybody struck out eight but he hit two cardinal batters the cardinals went to work against the bullpen in the seventh inning. Jed Jerko leading off against Jason Hammel The base, left Jerko, was running and this, was a candidate for. Play of the game. Ricky is, running on the pitch that Greg Garcia grounded to the. Shortstop and that was Escobar, going directly to the bag to cover but add to come back and couldn't throw Garcia yeah that was a huge play gutsy called by Mike shelter, have, your runner moving guy that doesn't have blazing speed you're trusting your guy at the plate that put the ball in play Garcia did just, add any poked it right to the left. Side of the infield Escobar couldn't recover make the, play throw out Garcia everybody. Safe and that just really turned the game to me John because it made the royals, believed that from they're going forward the cardinals we're going to start to take charge and they did a walk the Harrison baiter when the royals. Rent dissipating later got the count. Favor and he wasn't going to be bunting on the three one, pitch he took. Ball four and. Patrick wisdom came up, with the bases loaded he singled. To center field to tie the game scoring Jerko Matt carpenter faced reliever Tim hill the left-hander got carp Enter to roll the ball to first base, due to came home to get a force out on Greg, Garcia but then yada air Molina came to the. Plate, against reliever Kevin McCarthy this is the Marriott Saint Louis. Grand Hotel play, of the game Melena sitting on fifty, seven RBI's hits up all the center field base one.

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