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Or even times of covid nineteen where a lot of places are shut down and definitely not in the they are open? They're accepting very minimal of their soobee. Open you know. What can they expect? In leveraging created the pricing options in the way of communicating. You know that stuff as well I guess. What's your your thoughts on that land. One is one place. I'd love to start with that. One which is I feel like and you know this. I think this might be Happenstance or good luck rather than than anything else but like I feel like the way that the decisions that Fritz in Evan and myself have been making as leaders in running on Jaco over the past few years have positioned us really well to answer this question in a post or pre covid way in a post covid way in the sense that we were already working remote two days a week every week for the past year plus with our whole staff so when all of a sudden everything went remote it was really easy for our for our group to transition to the remote work schedule. It's like it's a bummer. Never seeing each each other in person but we can do not deal but also on top of that you know we already were doing interesting pricing options to your point we were already interested in doing value based pricing already interested. In you know basically we realize that a lot of our clients will come to us at their poorest point they have zero money you know they have this great idea. They had this brand. They WanNa do something cool but they can't pay us yet at least not. We're worth so what we realized. Is that like if we could come up with some sort of equity deals or revenue shares or any number of ways that we could tie our our payment to their ultimate success. So we're operating more like true partners. The more fluid project could be to begin with and And then the more interesting dynamic lies within two because we you know we weren't opposing sides at all. We were more like partners working on solving the same problems together. And so you know postcode where already doing these things were already working remotely. Were already doing interesting price structure stuff and so we're just as flexible justice amenable but we're well trained in doing so so now we're doing it. We have a more fine tuned approach. Because we've been doing it with big brush strokes for so long now that you know now we're turning to think like You know maybe this is a great time for us to reach back out to all of our contacts in the hospitality space and talk to them about like. What do reopening plans look like? How can we help you know? And so it's like not everyone thinking like that because you know luckily like we've positioned ourselves to do that on the stops exactly. I honestly it also does seem like the perfect time to Remodel Hotel for anybody out there. Who's listening you know? You don't have to worry about too much noise for your guests You don't have to worry about shutting down and not getting that eighty are going for Extraordinaire yeah ears or a out the out the window. So the hanging repel We're offering discounts anyone who says slick talk in the in. The League is not probably going to be your first client. So we're GONNA talk in a perfect guys. Get you get some equity in the show. Excellent excellent yes. I mean definitely any interested parties. Please hit assessing our website. Orange CHICO DOT COM like. We're definitely interested in helping awesome. Well I guess is leads to the you know. The final question thought What is your final words to the Final thoughts of the overall conversation. We covered a lot Again and I got really excited for this episode. Just because I think the importance of transparency aspect of branding and communicating that experience in communicating. Like we were talking about words that gets overplayed like authentically than loud and all these certain things right but I think you know. Transparency is is the new the new word that is probably GONNA get overplayed overused but in the aspect is so important and so. I'm just curious your final thoughts final words for the the teams the audience. Anybody in the world is listening regarding the upcoming events in life itself we wrote a medium series Couple years ago now in one of the one of the articles I guess in. It is just kind of visit that idea. Transparency and brand and how how tied those things are now more tied than they used to be. You know it's like Used to be able to say one thing and do another you get away with it and now you know There's just some much more accountability through social media and through. You know all these other ways that people can find out what you're actually doing so like the those things are just so so similar now that it's hard hard to separate them like it used to be you know like transparencies. Pretty much a requirement You don't get a choice and if you do you only get the choice until someone finds out which doesn't usually take that long anymore. What are your thoughts? Yeah I agree I mean I feel like it's one of those things. Kinda like it's Kinda like sustainability or even even authenticity you know like that term authenticity is. It's like just because they get played out. His terms doesn't mean that they're not valid anymore. 'cause they're they're super important but I think what happens is that they start to become table stakes. They start to become not special anymore. It's expected like the brands that we really believe in our horse their green of course they're recycling. Of course you know what I mean like. They don't to broadcast that necessarily unless it's like a very unique way of doing it. You know like a very unique proprietary thing that no one else is doing and that they're really stoked on and that's cool but you know same with same with authentic. It's just like who will being authentic is about being yourself so it's like about knowing yourself knowing yourself as a brand so transparency is the same. I feel as leaders. What we learned that That's one of the best things we can do for. Our staff is just simply be as transparent as possible with what's going on what we're thinking about why we're thinking about it hauer solving things what we don't know like all of it just kind of let people know what we know and I don't feel like there's ever going to be a bad time to be transparent or or that it's ever going to be a you know an overused term. I think it might be an abused term. I think that people might lean into it as if it's special but really. I think it's going to be more table stakes and it's going to be like this needs to be there. You know His new standard. Yeah Yeah it feels it feels. It feels responsible. You know what I mean like honestly. It feels like irresponsible to not give people the information they need. Because I mean all of us in the world not just America but all of us in the world are desperate for some certainty right now during the EMIG. That's desperately some some real numbers. Some real facts. Some things. Don't completely get contradicted within the next ten minutes Every everything been contradicted backpack and fourth right now so I think that the least we can do is give to others what we hope to get ourselves If you don't if you don't give that up people tend to fill it with whatever they think might be the case you know. So it's like again to suss sharing in communicating more with our team with our clients It seems to always help. I said it better myself advanced. A great great statement to end the show on and I just want to thank you guys both so much for being transparent and authentic being os g you know. I think you guys representing who you guys are as a company Is is huge. And I'm just GonNa say this an aspect of audience members. I think a lot of people in the hospitality space can relate. You know there's so many brandon companies are so many media companies are so many things out there that say we we do these things but finding one understands the industry like you guys do and being able to happen a podcast and talk about the certain aspects that we talk about as providers already on a whole new level is just as super unique in is totally. I don't know I think it's worth as I don't know I just I just wanted to thank you. This is like super cool. Just amazing time to be being able to provide. I think just some value to anybody listening and with of course use all the uncertainty going on. This is a great way to be certain that we know that during this time it's time to work on stuff get it standardized into apply some some fundamentals to to reopen. So thank you so much for being pretty much for having us on. Thank you so much for listening. We love your support and want to provide the best. We can to all our listeners. 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