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Of a guy and you wanna shit talk on a on a high level so many different ways promote a fight rather than shitting on ruggeri family like family. I mean family religion. And there's this line and who's gonna stop anybody from doing it though you know what i mean. 'cause people see people getting famous doing it. You know what i mean. They see like people look kinda mcgregor. They see connor doing that. And you know. And it's it's hard to hate on conor mcgregor because because conor mcgregor everybody's getting paid more Ultimately like he. He raised the tide for everybody. He I mean he's the man like there's there's no taking that away from him but there's definite gamesmanship there's definitely back and forth. There's definitely some theatrics you're saying you can keep it within a framework of respect and just instill honor the sport. I agree with them. Have to i mean. It can be absolutely utterly disrespectful to that person to his coaches to his camp to his training partners. You know what i mean. You just don't wanna be cocoa. Pebbles can slap his best friend training partner in the face. You know what i mean. You can like throw a bottle of piss at his coach like but you can't say anything about his wife or his kids or his mother's dad or his religion or his just don't do it. Don't do i mean again i. I was brought up in a different a different place though. I don't i'd like you're you're brought up with with actual respect backing. You just didn't do that do that and i can. And if you did it was a. I think it was a last ditch effort of him to try to get a fourth fight. Because i think that's the fight that he wants and you know it's the fight they keep them relevant and i do you know. I think he's done i. We i mean look we am. I saying something crazy that he's done. You know what i mean. He's done and i think that there's not a lot of relevant battles left but if he can stretch this out and milk this as long as possible. I just don't see anybody clamoring for something else. There's a story line here. There's a byline here that i think you'd like to continue. Because he gets a fourth then he gets a fifth dustin starch in twice i found kind of wanna doesn't again. Yeah logic would say that. I wanna fight. Logic would say that. I wanna fight in india's honest to god bat me that's next fight. It should be it. Should be comeback fight..

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