America, Iran, Healy discussed on Little Gold Men - How Can Game of Thrones Stick the Landing?


Saving a theatrical days see wanted to take this time to catch up on may be the only thing everyone is talking about america other than the news i was just give it frowns as usual i it's there as we record this there two episodes left in the season it's a short one as hbo splits up it's technically pinal see than to to end luckily we have to iran's and who has been out whispering all of a secret to the showed me for years now is helping me understand everything and i think all of us sewa i join i feel like your thoughts on the season of in pretty well established and vf dot com a but inches kind of in general deflect the season is going well i healy was going really well for the first half and the m my my sense among the fan of uneven amongst like other critics is that this last week's episode which is episode five sorta showed i don't know the seems a little bit too broadly in terms of them really trying to move us from one dazzling spectacle to the next so this upcoming week is episode 6 which is like another bottle episode episode for was a battle episode and so the i think they struggled a little bit with the transition and you're really seeing i don't know that the different kind of show it is now which is like they're they're in their comfort zone when they're showing you amazing dragons and all that kind of staff and then when they have to do the character driven dialogue heavy scenes they are struggling a little bit so you join of do we know how much of the plot now is being driven by george martin verses doom db.

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