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Well eventually put it in the trash can. Yes I will say my wife has a separate trash can just for the dog poop and it stays there until the night before i. I think that's how she does it and then puts it in you know so that it sits in there as little time as possible. What won't stink up your trash can. In a way that regular trash doesn't the smell of an outhouse as opposed to the smell of a dump of them are great right but I feel like it's similar to not letting your dog just dump on somebody's yard that no it may be. You're not if you're holding up the dog and having him go straight into the trash can right. That's a different thing. It's unprotected it could smear. I don't think anybody's doing that you're right. That would be a transgression. And no one's walking up your driveway. To find your trash can awesome. I'm a little disappointed by it's just. I've cleaned up trash off the street and put it in somebody else's trash bin that was right there just like you know makes the damn dream work. Okay especially if you ask you indicated. This is somebody who lives on her block. I mean if you're out for a ten mile run and you're not going to carry it the rest of the way home. I still don't think you do it. But if it's on your own street. I feel like it's an extra few because it's like I'm five feet from my house but I'm GonNa throw it in your trash do you. Do you judge people when you walk your dog? You're like Bills trash cans smells like garbage. No it's for your own self. I don't give a damn what somebody else thinks. So why would you care if somebody put waste manner in your trash cans? If you care how you're tracking smells like. Why is this complicated? Don't feel like you're next to your house and now it smells like outhouse. Why would you want that if it's own that's your choice? But if somebody else does it how why? Why do you not see that? No I guess my point is. He didn't walk up to the beside our house and throw the trash that way. It was already out at the street. It doesn't matter at that point. Is it not still there can? You're getting a little bit with your proprietary oil distinct kind of thing that is. I don't want my Kenniston kill us. That's a new level. I feel like I'm sorry you got again. Remember they're the ones who pee in the pool? Kobe always do that. And I put my trash and a trash can. How dare I? It's not trash. It's your dog's ass. Know plastic thrown away the thin being picked up within hours. And if you're not home if you're on vacation you would never have known. Would you would await when you come back. But you smell your trash. Candidacy of somebody put wasting their so. It's only about if somebody knows so anything. You can get away with as long as the person you're doing it to doesn't know then you're fine can absolutely okay. Well as long as you admit it. I don't think anyone is going to repeatedly use your trash can at the street for enough to make the smell linger like that. Fear of you is not going to happen just rude. That's all I'm saying. I will qualify if doing the right thing. And they don't know about it. I E putting waste manner into a trash can. That's fine. Nobody asks for race by a transient may not realize your neighbors are giving you the finger behind your back and and I know you don't care about that either. I'm just saying I feel like it's rude. They don't do it behind my back. They do it right my face. I LOVE CLEANING UP TRASH. You can use trash. Can All day long been happens to it? I'll take the hose to it and we'll move on with life right that's it. We just had different outlooks. That's neat I'm just telling you it. Does I think you brought this up? Because you thought she was crazy for thinking. That was rude and I agree with her when I have gone to social media. Probably not because that's not the way I deal with that stuff but I don't think you should dump your own dogs poop into somebody else's I don't care what it's in. It still stinks cool. Beans is nodding with me. So it's to to to thank you. Cool hamels trash king. Nothing to do with hating animal right now. We need a because I'm shocked by all of this. A would he agree. I can't believe see. That's what I mean. I can't believe you're shocked woody. I don't know what he thinks but he doesn't care but Chelsea you're usually pretty you know Courteous I guess to those around you so it. Is it okay if it was outside of dog? Waste just normal trash. Can I use your trash can for that? I think so. Where does the Line Cross poop? That's it I I mean I don't know I give me another example. What else yeah. Let's say got Hong. I do it right now. I just lift up your trash can and honk right into your trash. Can I mean if you're ill and it was either that or my car? Then yes please you please do it in my trash can. Wow interesting okay. Four four again. He'd W show you know. Don't dump in my trash can either doing that. I would. I am but it's very similar. Yes it's very similar. How is it not similar? It's in a plastic bow for crying out loud with the bag. Seven hundred four Fez. Thirty two hundred or eight four four four. Ww show. Please help us settle this. Foil share a piece a story. Something opposed I. Guess is the right way to phrase it from his local next door APP and it was a woman who was upset that a dude out walking his dog had thrown. The dogs waste into her. Trash can Woody in Chelsea Thought that was ridiculous. I was saying I wouldn't do it. Now there's a difference and I want to deal with that difference based on a couple of these calls that have come in. I woke number. One that garbage can does not belong view and number two when you put it on the curve. Public use your. What's wrong with this country? You're you're one hundred percent right sir. So of course of no import whatsoever that it's the city's trash can or whatever it's still sits right next to your house so that's dumb argument. Second of all. I would not complain as did this woman for me. It's just I wouldn't wanted in mind so I won't do it in yours but I'm not what's wrong with this country first of all nothing wrong with this country second of all. I'm not out there saying how dare everybody do this. And I'm not firing up a tersely worded letter to the editor and I'm not petitioning the president. I'm simply saying it would have been something that I wouldn't do. That's it so it's not that I'm out there pushing you to do something else. I assume you're familiar with the idea that you do unto others as you would have done to you and all I'm saying is I wouldn't do it that's it. I'm not saying that you should be arrested for dealing it. There's a big difference only crap Wilcox. I cannot believe that you're arguing. The point that your dog poop is okay to go into the garbage can because apparently your dog pope's roses that and again not the point you could be walking down your neighborhood street and throw it in. Somebody's trash who doesn't have a dog so it's not about. Does my dogs poops smell better than your dogs. Pooh. That's not the point. The point is you're throwing it in somebody's trash can who you don't even know. Maybe you don't even know that they have a dog. So that's dumb thank you. We'll move on somebody else. Their dogs pooped goes into a trash can. And it gets picked up an hour two or three or five later. That's GONNA destroy garbage can stop hanging out right next to your garbage cans. Have to shut down this argument at all stink like garbage. You idiot the idiot. You've completely missed the whole thing you're complained was who's going to make my trash can. It's no where do you keep your trash can next right? If you can smell trash can through your house something else going wrong and every time you walk by it to get out of your house will it move it somewhere else? Walk somewhere else. That's just not go out. One of my exits. There are so many steps. Do you get to the point where you trash cans smells so bad. You can put your trash cans anywhere you'd like thank you. I appreciate maybe not put it right next to one of your exits. Eight four four four. Wwl Let's talk to bill online one. Bill you're on with what he wilcox..

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