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Weather forecast for tonight showers ending clearing skies low fifty five to sixty degrees partly sunny friday high seventy five cloudy friday night rain developing low fifty five saturday showers and storms likely high seventy sunday more clouds than sun high of seventy degrees i'm dave banning am nine seventy the answer are you in need of cash here's some great news from kearney bank you can get a fifteen year revolving credit line at an incredible rate of just four point two five percents apr go ahead and shop around and you'll soon find out that kearney's rates are lower their approval processes faster there are no upfront costs and you can access the funds whenever you want for any purpose that you want in addition carney bank is introducing high yield checking accounts so that you can earn even more from your checking account currently a two point five three percent py no minimum balance required no monthly service fee unlimited nationwide atm refunds online banking and free bill pay to find out more about carney banks low rate home equity credit line or yield checking contact a friendly professionals at kearney bank stop into any one of their locations throughout new jersey staten island and brooklyn or call one eight hundred two seven three three four zero six that's one eight hundred two seven three three four zero six or visit carney bank today online at kearney bank dot com carney bank local bank you can trust member fdic equal housing lender our hosts chiku models see them now nine seventy the answer dot com all good wants to lose away.

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