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It's a popular answer to both questions but never at the same time. So so you know lord of the rings i actually. Maybe it's because. I came to across the movie. I before i came and you know i had always i try to read it but there are two things that what got in the way then. Three i this thing too much in the book every other page. This song got so annoyed. Second by a man and while i read books by men fantasy books men. Have you know. I've been burned into pasta. So the only time people of color are in tolkien's books are as villains and i was like i'll just watch the movies. The move in the movies to people of color are only present as villains but same time. There's a magisterial the production. there's i. It's so much better than the. I'm sorry to those who love The the books but for me didn't read the books. I just found more to be for myself almost more space for myself in the movies compared to the books good and then finally what is the last great book that you've read okay. So last great book. I when i'm writing. I cannot read fiction. Which because it's difficult for me to do both things but i have two books that i want to talk about this albeit by victoria tank which is a which are poems which are obituaries that she has. Affectionate obituary is she has written for. Certain things like privacy died on december four or members lungs. It was the was inspired by hamas death and is so beautiful and painful and inspiring. Because it's a row. Emotions are translated into wards. Look like this so they are the shape of obituaries but If you like Reading poetry. I commend it. It's it's not too sad but it will keep you make you think and other book that i just finished. Recently as cormac. He'd give smith five seasons in old delhi by pamela. Tim if you read the wall not the wildlands. The can on the flame. You will know that I write a lot of food in the books. It's one of the things like even in the was the travel so many different places but the first thing they do is each. I mean what is life. So this book was amazing because this late She actually lived in a rather still living. Maybe in delhi and she goes to the ghosts the bazaars the markets of old delhi. In this she goes to a long long distances to eat. Basically you'll eat by a road doll right by the ditch. Aware like there are flies and she'll be still still talking about how delicious food is and i don't know how like stronger stomach is because i know that anyone who's going to india from my side of the family is has gone on super sick because you know you don't have the bettiah and you need for street. Yeah but it just. It makes me much more on it. Inspired me to think about a foot fantasy. Every be so much click. There's so much life and so much happening. That small space in delhi. She old delhi. She talks about so if you like food. And if you like Vicariously living through other people's experiences. I would wonder well that brings us the end. So nafeesa i wanna congratulate you on the wild ones coming out on august third and i wish you in this book all the best..

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