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I was reading on cbs sports today did a wrote a had a piece up there about some of the remaining free agents that are out there in the nfl this was john breach and i obviously i was looking i don't really care where does is going he's not coming to denver and he's not going to kansas city right so i'm good so i was looking for obviously kansas city but you guys don't care about that you care about the broncos and now was also when i was checking for the only match that he had was demarco murray who is still a free agent and his his reasoning was that four of the team's five leading rusher from last year won't be back in two of those top five were actually brock and trevor simian so certainly couldn't hurt to have another back in there especially a veteran guy and and the veteran thing i'm i'm totally i dig that idea i think that much like what chris always says about the quarterbacks room to have an adult he always says case keenum is an adult somebody that's been at it for a while knows how to prepare if he has low bit of talent that's always a plus because that quarterback room has been a little devoid of that lately same with the running back room to have somebody like demarco murray in there i think could be beneficial for devante booker roy's freeman if they're serious about those guys being the future at that at that position but also besides that i think that they need demarco murray's production which certainly he's not he's not worry was with tennessee when he first got there derrick henry is getting a little bit more the carries now but still demarco murray was saulat last year because i i just don't look i don't love that option but that's the option that john elway has facing him because i i don't not to say that roy freemen's not deserving of where he went i'm not saying that royce freeman isn't worth a look but everyone keeps bringing up royce freeman and where he finished among the the all time leaders in impact twelve second all time in rushing he's oregon's all time leading rusher and he scored the most touchdowns in pac twelve history which is all true and which all means that he has as talent and that.

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