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Time of the week. We're creative, Tony and myself, select a couple of players that we like. And we said we wanted to touch on this guy. Tony, we didn't get an opportunity. But Jeff Wilson Junior came up. I our last week for the 40 Niners. He did play second fiddle to Ah T really most of us. We expected and That Ram's Runde got real tough in the second half, and it was up to Nick Mullins to kind of make it happen. I like Jeff Wilson Junior. I trust Jeff Wilson. Probably at this point second, most of any 40 Niner running back. I've got Tevin Coleman on a roster. He was out still last week, sort of remains to be seen. In the camp er, no food in Studio League. I'm in a situation where guys on Bye week. Some people are missing Road, Joe. Maybe you're a Christian McCaffrey on Mike Davis guy, and you don't have either of them this week. Jeff Wilson Jr has like a goal line option for me is not the worst play. I don't think no, definitely not Everybody I think had 12 carries for 40 yards last week. I don't love it. I don't love it. But I do think that he's got the potential T O running backs in that offense with with most of the McKinnon, it's more in the past game running backs in the shit head on. Fence generally what he doesn't give it to one guy. The whole game is my point, except in the NFC championship game last year, and I think whatever coming obviously must win games for the 40 Niners to stay alive in the playoff hunt. Don't think McKinnon is going to see the ball much on my Nana. I just I think it's going to be a Mostert 60 Wilson 40% mix is kind of what I would bet on. For Monday night against the Bills. Well, it's also a situation now where the 40 Niners need to make sure guys are healthy to back into this season, so it's them against the world. I like Jeff Wilson again. If you're in a tough spot he's available out there. Maybe it's a flexed I I don't think he's got a super high ceiling. You're sort of banking on a touchdown. But, hey, I'm telling you this because I'm probably riding with him. He's my running back this week. All right. So you know what? I'll go running back right again against you. Dude, you're talking 40. Niners present day I'm going back to 40 Niner lore with Mr Gore. I just wonder rhyme and I just wanted also, you know I was big on P. Ryan early in the year. Obviously, that's faded. Do Gore last week. 18 carries 74 yards the week before that. 15 carries 61 yards. 33 carries 135 yards and last two weeks. I like Gore this week against the Oakland Raiders of Sad. Listen to me, the Los Vegas ratings. I think that Gore actually eclipses the 100 Yard Raiders give up about 115 yards a game on the ground. I think Gore will get the ball at least 15 times, if not 15 to 20 and eclipses 100 guards and maybe even gets into the end zone, Frank or against Las Vegas Raiders at home. It's so funny, you mention that because that's probably the other running back. I've gotta start this way. How they got guarded, so I've been such a tough spotted. I've been such a tough spot with the right door. With the running back position. When it comes to quarterbacks this week. You know, I really like did we were talking about about Ryan Fitzpatrick or to whoever is going to go up against the against the Bangles defense? I really like Taysom Hill this week at the Falcons, right? We saw what he could do on the ground a couple of weeks ago. He's been a top 15 quarterback and total fantasy points by quarterbacks over the last couple of weeks. 10 Terry's 40 yards to rushing touchdowns in that span, So I'm gonna take him. I love that The Falcons are team gives a point Saints back Indoors this weekend Tasting hills. A guy who's out there, he's available of leagues daily fantasy. Another hit on that for you. Taysom Hill is my quarterback this week. Somebody's gonna be playing more daily fantasy. I have a feeling I'm getting the fixed ur Jones and funny you mentioned taste them. I thought about taking tasting, but I'm also going to take the may be the hottest hand in all of laugh. One of the hottest hands in all of football. Kirk Cousins man at home against Jacksonville last the last four games for cousins. 105 completions out of 147 1133 yards, 11 TDs one pick that is Scalding hot the Jags. They've given up the third most fantasy points, two cubes this season, and they've given up 103 fantasy points per game. Two opponents. I just think that You know, you think that Jacksonville will be playing from behind the whole game, so maybe because it won't throw us much. That's the only risk. But like I said, the Jags of the third most fancy points, two cubes. Sometimes it works out where the points that he gets thrown early or the all of the points of that guy needs, And then you can sit down in the in the blowout. So exactly I'm not played off. Um Forest Pass catchers go. We give you a running back? We gave you a quarterback. We've been told the Houston today. I actually really do like per your notes earlier on the on the Indianapolis secondary. I actually do like Brandon cooks this week. Will Fuller was getting 22% of the targets from Shawn Watson last week. So I'm gonna look Tioga. Brandon cooks us, which is really just kind of eat the other guys. Sorry. That's the guy I like the most. I really am confident in Jarvis Landry. He's finally starting to benefit from Odell Beckham Jr. Not really being there for a while. Remember, I was saying Jarvis Landry understand, uh, pond. He was basically a Nstar double for a couple of weeks. He just was not finding the end zone. You might have one or two touchdowns now on the season after last week, Jarvis Landry, playing out of the windy, rainy Cold scenario last week led to some production..

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