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Out my walking shoes with socks with my shorts with the t shirt assuming summer and that as soon as i got up that would be sitting there in front of me. Maybe right at my couch. Why tend to kind of sit in the cycle rate that i would set an alarm and that my alarm Even though i get up at five or six it would go off five or six but maybe the title of the alarm because an iphone. You could title your alarm. It would be time to walk super super subtle but it starting me off in the action place so get up. Brush my teeth i Probably not shower that just as a big time waste. I kept my shoes on. Put my shorts on. It's all sitting right there for me. And then i go so what happens when i'm feeling emotionally not ready to get out the door or i'm feeling there's some thoughts racing through my head about you know Y you're just wasting your time Closing your rings on your apple watch because it becomes the goal of course what a waste of time and you have all day. All these thoughts start to happen. And when you're engaged in a behavioral activation kind of stream what you do. Is you notice a thought. And you just put down you. Don't try to change it. You don't let it influence. The behavior of getting out the door you just compartmentalize the emotion and the thought. You just leave it. There hopefully forget about it and then you get the door and start moving so you have to make your actions your activating actions. Certainly attainable is very attainable. To get up. Brush your teeth. Maybe have a cup of coffee prepared the night before or whatever however you do that but to get right out the door very straightforward to do rate You shouldn't Set it up that you were going to walk ten k I can walk ten k howard twenty minutes or so no big deal. But if i'm thinking about that and how. It's going to feel in the morning. When i i get it starts become like i'm now sitting up something that i can't attain and then therefore my thoughts emotions are getting in the way that i don't go so really. The goal becomes getting out the door and just start walking what we know from the field of behavioral psychology and in this case behavioral activation. Activating a behavior by setting up. Everything in your environment to work for that what we know. Is that pretty quickly. As you start to move you start to feel pretty good that your not feeling the trepidation of getting out and taking the walk director because you already out and you're feeling good about the fresh air you your thoughts start to change. You know about how you're able to activate your day and move forward in your day so from a behavioral psychology perspective. What you're doing is dr nike. just do it. you're doing the action something that super attainable. That's not overwhelming in general. You're just doing it. And then you're observing that i i'd do the activity. That's a measurable outcome yesterday. Oh you did. You got out the door. As i've gone through the activity are completed at. How do i feel emotionally. What are my thoughts like. Are they always all resolved. No certainly are. They oftentimes resolved. Yes behavioral activation may feel cold. But when you're in a deep pit if you really believe that you're going to see something that's going to inspire you or you're going to read so it's going to inspire.

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