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Jeff Melby in the newsroom, hot and humid today high of 93 will be up near 90. About four hours time right about noon. Great Pool day. If you want to head out to the pool, we've got a lot to talk about, as we move through here. More entertainment news coming up. This Youtuber now has his own Netflix series because of his YouTube, who I'll tell you about it coming up in about 15 minutes time them. What about inflation? Everyone's inflation, inflation inflation, but no one has deflation on the radar. Wayne Porter, host of money for 11 on Talk Radio, 10, 80, W. K. J K, with Sarah Porter, and with Kentucky Planning Partners will join us to break that down. And then we'll take care of some more music news before we head on out. Start our own weekend here, meanwhile, from email the social media more and more of our lives are online. We know that I mean, we look at it. Everything is online. In fact, I don't even touch Facebook. Unless I'm doing stuff for the station. I would delete my account on Facebook. But I've got pictures up there from when I when I did use Facebook, and that's why I've gotten rid of it. What happens to all those lives online when yours or theirs comes to an end Authors Daniel Sieberg and record Steve Byrne have tried to answer that question in her new book called Digital Legacy. Take Control of Your Online Afterlife. CBS takes a Look. Here We are Going down the slide to get from the thrilling to the mediocre. We snap share and store the memories of our lives by the thousands. How many pictures or videos would you say? Are on your phone right now. Oh, gosh, when I was looking the other day for something, Yeah, I have at least 13,000 photos on my phone and probably a few 100 videos and Jennifer Sarda, who lost most of her childhood photos in a house fire. Is on a mission to archive them. Don't get me wrong. Think for her daughter's generation and beyond. The reality is that many of the digital possessions if you will, or digital artifacts of.

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