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But someone who's career I followed all the way back from his days at Rhode Island Katina cap Moberly is in the house Katina home. Now. Are you man? I like that Hartman mobile you like that Hartman mobile. Yeah. Sounds like either lethal weapon. I think it's going to be a little bit of both today. Katina we got a lot of things are going to talk about today. You know, the month of March belongs to college basketball. I mean, we're in the midst right now the conference tournaments, obviously Grenache selection Sunday will be believe it or not a week from tomorrow. So it's getting to that time or sort of figuring out which sixty eight schools are going to end up in the March man as we were talking before the show today Cotino he had a great MBA career, obviously. But we were going back to your college days Rhode Island when you know, you always talk about those those magical runs from schools that you never expect and back in nineteen ninety eight Cotino Mobley was at Rhode Island coach by my dear friend, Jim Harrick, and he had left UCLA well left. He got fired by UCLA took a year off lands at Rhode Island. I thought to myself. Wow. Could this be any further removed from UCLA at Rhode Island and in his first year there with the? Senior Cotino Mobely. You guys pulled off one of the greatest upsets in NCAA tournament history that Kansas team that arguably was the greatest Kansas team ever. I mean, ROY Williams. France. I may were absolutely loaded Lester Earl Lester, Earl I mean, they had they had a squat. I mean of ROY Williams teams at Kansas that I guarantee you to this day was his most crushing defeat of a team that not only should have been everyone thought was going to be an automatic in the final four. But a lot of people thought we're going to win the national championship for sure since the beginning of the year that year, and you know, Paul was a stud, nobody can stop Paul at that time and. When we beat them. I'm gonna tell you a quick story. Right. We're playing Murray state. Would actually Mark offering. Yes, mortgage coach coach Murray state, and we played them. We beat them up pretty bad. And they were pretty good that year and we run in the same office because marks offenses generics. Offices Darwin's office. Yeah. Mark Raffray, by the way, had been his Lena system when they won the national championship and ninety five and then got the Marie say job. Right. Right. Right. So so we go, and we play them we beat them up. And then we watch kids play prairie view or something. Like that. I think they're paper. At eight when they won they were like jumping around and like just being goofy kinda thing. And coach looked at me and said you see that over there. You want to go to the pros? I said, of course, coach listen, I need about thirty. And a w I said, okay, coach, no problem. So we played them. Tyson. Wheeler myself Antonio's, dean Luther clay Preston. Murphy. We beat them up pretty bad. We beat them guys up. I think they didn't see what was coming with the guard play we had and then after the game where I'm really excited like, wow. We just be the number one team. I see ROY over there in a tunnel crying. He just killed my whole joy. Do when it comes to the right, right? Coach you crying. But. Yeah. And that's ROY Williams, very emotional very emotional. But you guys, of course, end up all the way in the elite eight I mean, you talk about the exhilaration of this stunning victory against the number one ranked team in the country. Not just a one c the number one team in the country. Kansas. And now you're playing Stanford in the elite eight this is a team with Arthur Lee, Mark Madsen. They had you know, they had a pretty good team. But you guys are in control. It was it was that was so brutal for us. I remember Tyson Willoughby at the free throw line. And I'm looking at my I'm looking at alums that we were super close with in the stands and I'm at half court, not even a half court. But I'm like what a little above the three point line. And I'm looking at them and I'm like signaling four four four by four in a blink of an eye Arthur Lee hits three straight threes. Yeah. Mark mass steals the ball dunks. It n one we lose. I'm like, wait. What just happened? I mean here here's the thing about this. And and you know, having covered the NCAA tournament. I my my I was fortunate of the daily Bruin in seventy nine eighty the year. Larry Brown came to UCLA we were fourth place in the conference that year literally got a gift was only forty eight teams in the tournament back in those days based solely on the UCLA. Name the sort of put us in there. And in the second round played depaul number one team in the country. Mark maguire. Gary cummings. This team was loaded. Clyde bradshaw. They were number one team in the country and lost to him earlier. So everyone just thought this was nice matchup for TB. But the and UCLA wins the game. Then they stunned Ohio State the next week with Clark Kellogg and curb Williams and Kelvin Ramsey that great Ohio State team. Then be Clemson will Larry Nance senior on that team. And then we'd be reproduce. Joe Barry Carroll, and then we get to the championship game and a lead late night game. And then Louisville came back Darrell Griffith leading the way. And I I was cry. I mean, that's the thing about the NCAA tournament is the fact that the deep you bounce in the first round like you're not even there, in fact, even if you get bounced maybe in the second round, let's set the big upset you get to the second week. Now, you're invested in the tournament. And I've always said this the worst loss is what you guys did. Because if you get to the final four this year like we made the show we made the show because that elite eight loss. You're invested. He one games you. You're so close now. I know it's been twenty plus years. You know, tell me you've gotten over right? Not at all not at all. Now. I can't even watch the game. Really knock him watch. That man. I just because I am a Virgo whatever that means everybody else. I'm very anal when it comes to things like that right on my job. I try to be the best I can be. And if I look at that game from gaining too, then I'll find a thousand mistakes just for myself alone. Right. And and put myself like, that's that's the glutton for punishment. I don't even want to do that. I just leave it alone. I said we now isn't amazing you play more than a deck in the NBA anything, right? All the time. Is you get you don't get over that. I mean, you don't. And that's that's the thing about watching these tournaments right now this March madness that is so unique on the American sports scene is that the idea of one and done is so brutal at times because you know, you'll pull an upset you got this euphoria of knocking out Kansas and then a week later the crushing defeat against Stanford. So you you have the highest highs and the lowest of lows, and by the way, you know, you twenty one twenty two years old, and it's like you're trying to deal with this. And it's it's it's hard to share. It is hard to shake, man. I and I was saying the other day, and it was just about just in general, my majors in college was psychology and communication. So for me. I just throughout my life, especially early on in my life hours trying to stay even because if you get too highest too far now if you get too low. So far. So just kind of stay, even you know from your child being birth to you know, you wouldn't like stay even keeled as possible. Enjoy the moment, and then laughed let it go. And you know, there's only a few games that. I really remember. There was a couple of games against the Lakers. I think it was oh four. Kobe. Dribbles to the left side. I great defense by myself and Jimmy Jackson came over to help. Kobe shoes airborne, Shaquille nil. Literally moves y'all Ming out the way gets the ball dunks that they win. Now. This is a series, right, right? Next time we play we play in Lakers. Again, we played the Lakers nine times that year nine they beat us five we beat them for overtime. It's not like I think game three or four whatever was at in Houston and called Malone had thirty. He's ninety two years old thirty and I love it was just like those look kind of things. Yes body else is just for me. I gosh, a certain games. I just can't I can't fathom. Well, like, you say so many games are so routine over the course of the year, and then suddenly something unexpected happens. And those are the things that stay with you. So when you get into a lot of the March madness today, we got a lot of NBA roles. You gotta talk about this. Antonio Brown situation. Still waiting. We got Calvin out there. He's on Antonio Brown watch because lose baby he said he's he's about to announce deal which we heard that yesterday. But I definitely on the other side here. I could he I want to get into this whole dynamic now Mark Godfrey who now is at Cal State Northridge right down the road from where we are. Ironically, his mentor Jimmy Eric who's eighty two years old now. Yes, he is on that staff. He's on. And then you say, I volunteer a coach with them. Really? I'm so busy now. But when I first started I was there every practice I bike from home to see sun, and the staff is great. I love the didn't have me really have MO Williams. Yeah. Wow. So they have a heck of a staff over there. But the controversy has to do with Mark Godfrey's days at NC state. Apparently. Now, he is the first coach that is Ashley directly connected to payments to players. So we're in the Geico Fox Sports radio studios. We're going to break this all down and maybe a little history lesson from Cotino as well. I mean when when we talk about payments and basketball. Come on this. This goes back to the beginning of time. But how prevalent is it who really should be found guilty of some of the indiscretions that have marred the college basketball scene. And where do we go from here a year ago at this time, there was all this controversy that they were gonna take down all these elite programs and it hasn't happened yet. So where's the NCA we've had criminal investigations? But where is the NCAA right now, and why they may be hesitant to take down some of their prominent programs. All explain all of that coming up next. Things. You.

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