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So it's morphing but it's a different world he structure if you're an active listener you wanna have a streaming service whether it be an amazon bijur title he'll spot a fiery are apple um but if you just want to play maybe you know background in your while you're working yapende or will work i i personally and not a fan of pinned or i find a lot of suggestions are not good indoors in financial trouble but it just to go one step further because i want to make this point with the record companies don't understand is online every stores right next to each other they want to have competition there's never competition gugel has seventy percent of search okay amazon seventy percent of online commerce one company will have seventy percent of streaming primarily because your friends there looks like it's going to be spotify i don't care which one wins but right now spotify eisen front right so how in god's name this in on a radio personality for having ten years how to siriusxm stay afloat how whose buying who has a very interesting question if you did millennial does not want to sit there and wait for their track to come on exactly therefore they live in an ondemand culture radio when people it's just like i remember those ed it's being on the mtv video music awards saying bring music videos back to mtv com my friend win mtv the time time fresi's a that's never going to happen because it became an ondemand item i'm alive so when it comes to serious.

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