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So being a lottery pick was really exciting. And here's Kobe talking about it. Cameron Johnson just went eleven Patty react to that news. He went way eleven came out. Yep. Strengthen the screen right there. Wow. Wow. Wow, bro. That's crazy. That's so love both because y'all know, Cam, you'll know har- Cam work, a lot of people doubt on, but wow, I'm just bro. That's crazy row. Wow. That's so crazy. I'm so happy for him right now. I don't understand him. Cry cry, Chris. Yes or. No. Video is just so cool. Like, obviously there you can hear his joy, but he was just truly moved by was really cool. Okay. So Zion Williamson, though, had the moving moment, but he also listen to this. Did you guys notice this happened last night, because coach K said the Dianne Williamson was a gift from God a gift from God and so- Zion Williamson is being asked a question about the possibility of being a gift from God on the surface, they vis may seem humble. This was an attempted humility from Zion Williamson, your college coach coach K just called you a gift from God, what are you supposed to say when you have adults saying that kind of stuff about you? Thank you. It means that they see something in me, and I think I can get to those points eventually so I'm just gonna work as hard as I can. And if those things happen, they happen. But if not I know that I left it all out there. It's like a standard. I try to hold myself to all right. So he wants to be a gift from God. And he had to standard, Zion Williamson's trying to hold themselves will save eve Eventually, actually guilty. I don't know if he's going to get there like originally said he just wanted to be a hall of Famer rookie of the year, maybe possibly defensive player of the year. But now it's gift from God. He also wants to be a gift from God coach game. I want to lower those expectations, I player ions embracing them. He's working hard to becoming a hall of Famer and all star in MVP and a gift from God. I love that question from Rachel. Is that a goal of yours you? Yeah. Absolutely. It's one of the many things I want to accomplish. I want to be a gift from God..

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