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Why don't we Shift to your thoughts on our wage. Death before dishonor This past weekend. I don i. I'll just kind of let you run through the show at your own pace and analyze matches. Yes so. I thought it was a pretty good show for Some some highs and lows again into here so the the pre show had the honor rumble. Which is which is like the royal rumble. only more honorable. I thought it was pretty good overall. And i found someone in the back. Say we have a live studio audience of one. Who you're you're apparently entertaining. I picked up on that. So it's a regular listener the fix or is this going to tickle them. This is my good friend. Eggs are anderson the the esteemed and knowledgeable on individual But fixed humor. He's used to my here. I unusual it's dependent on the circles. But it's the common theme is it's different so the honorable did speak though to the out on the roster because you know putting all the entrance for awhile establish our which characters even if they aren't taught is and they do this much people like it's you know who's this on the surprises were chris. Who came in from caller commentary. And then i'll zane as a final. Fu gordon is doing a wacky. New gimmick will air. He hit his head and he. He's two thousand. Eighteen foot gordon again and honestly you might as well. Just stay because it's been a rough for years for borden since the elite left arrow age. So like it does he feel sort of like. What was the television show. Where like they handed like. Yeah okay yeah. The whole season was dream. Exactly so yeah. Just pretend like the mercenary foot. Gordon and all the other stuff that. He's been doing the when he was with. The what did they call themselves. The the group with on mardi skirl villain villain enterprise. Just which is another. I wish people would like to forget. All that stuff didn't happen in football. Just go back to being foot gordon and doing that stuff so i was amused by that. I hope they do that. With the dexter reboot by the way just like the first four seasons count. The other ones. Were just like a bad dream. We dexter reboot. I was thinking. Dexter lewis. And i was like what is to sam shaw. That doesn't feel like a big reboot. Wade o remember any other former. Fm they did it dump spot where peo short-circuited since he's a machinist just throw himself over the top rope a big fan of that one and zane one so it looks like he'll be here for a little while and that's i think on with dalton castle aisam dalton castle one Find out Shit finished basically Distracted after that it was taylor. Ross beating jake atlas and. This is a big disappointment. i. I'd figured they'd have a a kick ass match but the only ones seven minutes and it wasn't very good and just mad at him and and then atlas announced leaving and so. That's a bummer. He's he's very talented. So it'd be great to see him down the road But you know it was that takes of out so Hopefully he gets a better head space. That was violence. Unlimited beating lead moriarty john walters in ls g a good action match and then afterwards and this one. I am sort of interested in different opinions on because jay came out and gave this long passionate promo and a lotta people really like this. But i wasn't one of them and to me. It felt very much like one of those Cheesy sentimental john senior promos where he is playing corporate heitmann and the basic goal seem to beat put over our wage and put over the pure division in particular and he suddenly it like everybody grew up on the pure division and everyone loves pure rules. And we're all pure wrestlers but when he keeps referencing that stuck. The crowd wasn't reacting. That much. And i think our wages seriously overestimates the appeal of all pure thing. I mean question is done a terrific job with it in terms of you know pretty much getting the best case scenario i but it's still ultimately pro wrestling. Were you take away the high flying you take the striking and you build the maximum broke breaks and like i mean a died. The first time largely for lack of interest came back for no crowd shows. And i think it's more to serve the hipster thing to brazen something that has wide appeal and lethal is just hard selling how great as and I think it worked very well after that was make better than that even beating the briscoes and i was supposed by this result is i mentioned. I was figuring that they were going to move the press. Walk the title extra. Although you know this could also be like an obstacle in the way in the nobile rematch. Beat them then get entitled picture or they could just go back and i mean. There's that either. Joe then josh would in basham to win the title and i think they plan this to be like this epic match but to me didn't come together as they hoped Some of the key spots in the match. I thought seen screwed screwed up or kind of gimmicky. I double pen. But question said he wasn't satisfied with that to the restarted. The match than woods hit a german suplex and There's another of what looked like physicians situation but woods strollers were up and gresham didn't appear to kick out so look you've got pin but the referee count anyway so federal upset about that and then woods ultimately hit what it was like. This almost like ocean cyclone superblocks type deal But the execution was clunky on that and He pinned question on. So i mean giving woods went over brash. Math is a big vote of confidence in him. So hopefully he'll do well with the push but we We shall see after that was Shea taylor promotions retain tiles being dragon and bust ya elwyn and didn't angle before the match. Where king attacked shane. Taylor chair so taylor. Russell and oce edwards replaced him and they want anyway by the way o'shea edwards..

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