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The chief procurement officer and Atlanta city hall up until Smith arrest and early twenty seventeen. In fact, they've got undercover audio among other things Jafari company gave a got lots of work from Atlanta and gave lots of money to politicians including kisha lands, bottoms and Cassim read. Now, why is this? Relevant and wire we starting the subject here will there is legislation pending in the state legislature to take control of two dead. Mayors airport Hartsfield Jackson international airport in Atlanta. And there are group's around the city that are suddenly becoming very vocal in some groups outside the city say, no, no, no. We don't want you to do this in. It sounds very much like a politically cold ward naked effort now realized that that the city of Atlanta is opposed to giving up control of the report. I totally get that. But these outside groups that have never spoken before that are that are suddenly rising up say, no bad idea. Yeah. I guess you could say they're actually concerned, but it certainly is suspicious and seems like a paid political operation. Now, we've got this that contractors were getting used payments for e getting used contracts from the city after making lots of payments in campaign donations. I just went to the Pratt group's website. Site Pratt group is where this guy was executive vice president, and I just got on the progress website. And when it first loads on going to refresh the screen here when it first load, you see what a picture of the atrium at Hartsfield Jackson it Lanta international airport. When you click on the projects to have the very first link is aviation now, let's the aviation dab work..

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