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In a me someone just talked about the between men pulled as he walked typically when the big one price moons like this you see a lot of people rushing to the exchanges with their transactions is on sale at we've got three hundred megabytes of transactions and are trying to get confirmed confirmed right now but people polling big horn out of the hardware wallets sin sending zwick changes to try and take some prophet right so people who had no active traders might be trying to take provia how am booming the the men pool having said that impose imposing quite fulfull like the last couple of weeks so that's not unusual but wales gained two for the last segment of this life's dream was to look at my crypt two news scana which is basically controls all of the the major news outlets like the coin telegraph coin janelle bitcoin is still com btc manager the medical bitcoin news coin desk in oldies folks and at a point some zero hedged of its him time as we got all coins news weekly magazine is a whole bunch of him cohen report coin journal the a theory and blog going base blog you get the idea so just trolls the mall i am what we got here let's see let's see let's see let's see let's see her the let the little engine that could play coling breaks one hundred dollas outperforming bitcoin in two thousand seventeen is that right.

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