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Great no other my whole art my whole cast were still we still do it you do sheena comes in with a glam squad there a couple of come in with a glam squad but no we do our own shed i'm fastening because you guys must go to all of these events or like up fronts and things like that with all of the housewife and they all the housewives have it's like it's like they're all mariah carey i went to use of a show an e and i went to one of the up fronts which is ian bravo together in new york and one of the greatest moments actually the credentials were there like three of them i think it was like courtney and kim and i read that your i didn't go i remember that year photos and it was yeah it was tamra from orange county and vicky and who's the other blonde on that screams a lot that just got divorced from orange county orange county that how this is going to kill me it's gonna kill me to say i think i follow her on instagram now that just got divorced or mountie she her husband was a found cheating on her and then i'm gonna lose my mind if i can't remember this what is her god do i just let me just let me just look it up real fast there's a billion people screaming into like lexi right now being like it's heather had heather heather heather dubrow no not heather about no.

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