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16 teams, which will only help the Red Sox's chances of making the postseason and a year where, frankly, not much is expected from a group that lost Mandir, Alex Cora, Mookie Betts, David Price, Chris Sale Rick Porcello and doesn't have any water Rodriguez as he recovers from the Corona virus opening day today at Fenway. The Orioles first pitched 7 30 starter Nathan of all these more confident in Boston than most people are sleeping on us. I think we're gonna come out here to surprise. A lot of people are offense hasn't changed that much. We still had a lot of guys that can swing it. And then pigeons have is the only thing I feel like we're going to step up. You know. Phillip's Rolls Yankees beat the defending champion nationals for one last night in a rain shortened, six inning game in D. C Giancarlo Stanton homered and drove in three to help Garrett Cole to a win in his New York debut. Kemba Walker practice for the Celtics yesterday won't play. Today in a scrimmage against the thunder. He's nursing a sore knee. But this season begins in one week. Adam Kaufman, the BBC Boston radio, traffic and weather together on your Friday morning, Kevin Brennan is back. The super retailers of New England. All wheel drive traffic on the three's alright there. Laurie got some troubles already on the expressway North found picking up a crash here. It the Dorchester Yacht Club traffic quickly back in here, just beyond the gas tanks would be careful North bound here on the expressway. Starting to see some curiosity delays South bound as well, Coming down through Savin Hill. Now South bound once you clear that gas tank is looking pretty good. All the way down to the brain tree split over on 93 North bound, seeing a couple taps of the brakes getting by 1 38 that Canton stretch. You're looking pretty good Route three between Braintree and Plymouth, But you got about 1/2 a mile back up now with Sag Amore Bridge heading on Cape Over at the born bread. You get your brake Light's soon after Exit three off Route 25 getting up and over the bridge. And into the born rotary looking pretty good out to the west on the mass pike Over on 1 90 South found you got reduced feeds through the work zone here before Exit six and Sterling closer to downtown Boston. The pike westbound leaving the city. Gotta paving crew taken out the left lane here at Exit 20..

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