Minister Pedro Sanchez, President Trump, Barcelona discussed on WBZ Morning News


Sound from one of the memorials in Barcelona happening this hour a year ago today in. ISIS affiliated terrorist drove a van into crowds. And was later shot dead by police hundreds attended ceremonies to lay flowers on. Cadillacs capital prominent including Spain's King Felipe. The sixth and prime. Minister Pedro Sanchez well the Veterans Day military parade ordered by President Trump will not. Be happening this year a Pentagon spokesman says the military and White House have now agreed to explore opportunities to hold it in twenty nineteen instead it's come several hours after reports revealed the parade would cost upwards of ninety, two million dollars more than three times the price. Initially suggested by the administration now retired army major Mike lions tells. Us practical issues may have delayed this process sculpted the president wanted we've never had something like that in Washington DC and the amount. Of equipment that would have, been involved in the cost was probably getting prohibitive with regard to all of the different service branch That. Had to be involved if you going to bring armored vehicles and large missile systems down to show off really you're. Going, to potentially damage the street you have. To do a significant amount of work and prep to make sure that that. Wouldn't happen Bloomberg business in woman on. Busy, I'm an architect. I'm Dr music producer accountant MRs when I found out that I could download big. Files really big files huge files CAD file x rays cloud files audio files zip files in seconds not minutes seconds employee's with all their devices would have more than.

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