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Kids around like with liquid ta was doing it gave me confidence. Well, I got to say this only because on ly because for the history books and all the dog town Zebo enthusiasts out there. There was a very famous guy known as today and that's Tony Alva. He was one of the first airborne guys in the swimming pool and all that stuff so anyway, shoutout to Bull T s Polly s your first initials T in your last initials. A. You're going to be coming. No choice, buddy. You got no choice. All right, right. Well, what a shock. I mean, who? First of all that? Any giant pitcher rolled out a complete game much less that it was Tyler Anderson. Tio. My goodness. Your baby status? Yeah. For Tyler Anderson and finally Home, baby number three. Listen, we could have made it the Giants all weekend. No, no, no. I had to make room for this kid 21 years old Slovenian. Rookie of the year last year. Where's the jersey of the Dallas Mavericks? Known? I mean y'all. Yeah. Make sure you pronounce his last name correctly, and I'm talking to me. Okay, Lucy, don Cheech. Not the easiest last name to pronounce, right? Don Cheech or you just want to call him Luca, or you just want to call him. The baddest dude around because yesterday he stamped his place on the NBA's world with an otherworldly effort in an overtime win over the Clippers, a game for win that even their serious that two and two How about this 21 year old kid going for 43.17 rebounds, 13 assists and a two double crossover step back game, winning three at the buzzer, the youngest player in N. BA history to hit a playoff buzzer beater. He is Luca Don Cheech. Here. The people see Steph Curry tweet immediately, guys, he and he came with a with a LeBron Sheesh. That's what he said. Right? Wrote Sheesh. At Luca, Don fish Game blouses is what he wrote, which, by the way, cause me to dial up and spend six minutes rewatching The Charlie Murphy skid. Father you want to talk about something stands the test of time. Still fun. It's incredible. It's still funny. I watched it in 2020 You talk about the prints one and in place of pancakes over that story, the truest every step road. Sheesh, Luca Dantchev. That's ridiculous. That he wrote dot dot dot blouse is good. So.

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