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And weather first on the fives from that got a huge jr weather center after a milder morning we'll see temperatures get colder later today we'll get up near fifty probably earlytomid afternoon fronts on the move some rain showers this afternoon the window whip around colder air comes in rain showers could end to snow showers early tonight they clearing overnight down to twenty eight the weather channel i'm meteorologist ray stagich on news talk seven sixty wjr right now sunny skies at the golden tower of the fisher building and forty three degrees at wjr the frank beckmann show news talk seven sixty wjr sitting in for frank ken rogulski so the the should coach stand van gundy keep his opinions to himself or should he talk about president trump has to say for i mean for the life of me i can't figure out why is doing at his views of great basketball coach he's a good basketball coach but why he decided to go in the political arena yet i'm not sure the phone lines of lit up let's go to smooth mike in sterling heights mike you're on frank beckmann show good morning hello mike it's your turn yeah hey how you doing sir i didn't hear that 'cause that so long it screeched if he um i had a question as if the asked the bathroom of consciousness to hey um did you uh talk to president obama like this when he i said hey sean could be my son because he wasn't paying attention to north korea and all the other things and that's a good question yep that's all it that's all i want good enough i get to say short sweetened to the point mike thanks for calling have a great day you did to happy thanksgiving merry christmas to we go next to bob up in clark's clarkston bob good morning how you doing good good morning got a hit assault like joan rivers but can we talk.

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