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Peyton especially didn't hold back going about coaches and stuff in a way that i think the guys at the main broadcast they of know that they can't get away with that kind of stuff. They can't be overly critical because it's the tv audience. And you know this may be the peyton and eli may really be a one off. It may be only them And even if espn decides to bring in some other people for the seven games they're not gonna cover the season or i guess it's going to be eight total because there payton in er sign up to ten games So at least eight weeks that there will be somebody else for for however many monday night games that are. Because i don't remember. I i guess maybe only have seventeen that gays because there are eighteen but espn has lost. Actually last night there was not the double header on week. One monday night football that we've we've normally seen as they made up for in playoff games just just reading comments here. Mad cat k. -gree agree with rj. Again just these comments. Dj these are facts. That still sore subjects must focus cannot enjoy the game until it's over. I exactly that's how i feel. That's why i won't watch this broadcast but it will be fun to watch because it'll be especially because the cowboys will trounce the and then we'll get to hear like peyton and the advice celebrating. Although and this is why i will actually be painful to watch last night pay nasty lie about signing the the locker in eighteen tasted and then cowboys stadium when the giants beat the cowboys in l. Payton is going to be like so you know. What would you be doing here. If you were going up against drought rob ryan. You know what i mean and then we would all have to remember that rob ryan was a thing that we had to endure. You know what. I mean that even eli was allowed to prosper again so like it could pick some old wounds is what i'm saying ally manning being on the call yet good. Does anybody have anything else. Whether it's the people here people in the comments anything that's on your mind. As the dust settles on week one week two begins in the national football league. Tony anything on your chest. I'm ready to see worried about the deal experiment. I said a four might not keep me up at night. But i'm thinking it might not again might lose a little bit of sleep over it thinking over johnny's anything spicy. You don't need to add to that problem so tom anything bothering you. Making you feel good. Make you wanna dance. Make you wanna sing. I know that we're overreacting to something. Because it's it's the overreaction week the fry. There's no eddie right. Yeah you always overreact to something. So i've wondering what is going to be in and maybe maybe next time we get together and do this. We can have a better idea what we overreacted. Meg anything that you you feel right. Now i'm worried about randy gregory on villas still at the time of this well. I'm excited for cd to not dropping passes next week okay. That's true very very very quickly before we leave here. We will have our predictions available blog on the boys dot com by the way and tom and may globo talk about their shows. And the blogs podcasts. No but tony question one. Who wins thursday. Are we all agree. Washington winston so do that but eagles are niners and then cowboys your chargers. Make your picks you said. Eagles are niners. Cowboys charters games. And that's what i'm saying. Oh my bed niners-cowboys in that's not even the homer in me. That's just the my honest opinion. I really think it's gonna shake got like that night on. Tom matters cowboys. Don't copy always niners nicer. We'll stay dallas san francisco done on all right so thank you. Everybody who watched we will be doing these live streams every single tuesday here at blogging. The boys on our youtube channel podcast as well meg one last word. Go one word okay. That's your word tom. one nash. word why tony one. That's still situating everybody. See an extent back..

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