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On I ninety in the westbound direction starting around West Lake sammamish Parkway off and on through. Bellevue and again across Mercer island and across lake Washington northbound I five is usual struggles mid Boeing field through downtown southbound I five scattered slow, traffic from Lynnwood off and onto the ship canal bridge are next KOMO traffic at eight forty four Here's the forecast from Seth Wayne high temperatures in the low to mid nineties today is going. To be our last real hot day for a while as. We start to pick it up. Our onshore flow and bring back the cooler temperatures so once you get a lot of, sunshine through today low to mid eighties likely. On your Tuesday into Wednesday and in falling in the low to mid, seventy s that's gonna, feel good by the end of the week I'm Seth Wayne in the KOMO weather center in downtown Seattle right now sunshine kind of filtered little bit hazy at sixty seven degrees, a wildfire burning, on the, southwestern shore Blake Chalan is prompting level three evacuations for homes and campgrounds here's Jay Wetherby with KOA radio. Most of the damage from the fire was on the lakeside, of south lake shore drive and at least one waterfront home was destroyed all residents and visitors were evacuated from twenty five mile creek state park including campers as fire the twenty. Five mile creek fire and park staff were at the ranger booth. All night Sunday to help anyone who may, have had Camping reservations the cause of the fire unknown at this time but it's believed to have originated. Near a dump site adjacent to the twenty five mile creek state park drivers headed west on I ninety near cle- Ellum last night face two major backups because of a wildfire this was sparked by a car fire crews estimate the lower. Cleland river is about ten acres between our fire that, is is about ten acres between milepost eighty one and, eighty three multiple airdrops helped get the firefighters get an upper hand on it. Fire crews say they've dug a, line around that fire and have it mostly contained KOMO news time eight. Thirty, six Mariners back home starting a homestand tonight at just how long the team calls Safeco field. Home could depend on millions of dollars in public money the. King County council takes up the. Issue today than we get more from komo's Lee stole we all know rent is expensive, in Seattle that's no different for the Mariners. Who are looking at their next long-term lease here at Safeco field today, the county council is, holding a hearing to start looking at how they're going to spend money generated by the motel hotel taxes also known as the lodge Tax right. Now is helping to pay off CenturyLink field right across the street that will be. Paid in full by twenty twenty so the question is do now well starting in twenty twenty one state law requires seventy five percent of the money be used for housing and for. The arts the other twenty five percent is for promoting tourism the. Mariners are looking at that portion wanting a hundred eighty million dollars to help pay for maintenance and capital projects at Safeco field in making the executive Dow Constantine released details on a plan to do that right now the team is choosing whether or not to. Sign a twenty five year lease at Safeco now and ask some council members seemed split on. What to do with the money which is. Why these hearings these committee meetings and in the public areas that are gonna follow will be so. Important, we'll be monitoring that the discussion and let you know what happens KOMO news time eight thirty eight a Bellevue couple is recovering after being stabbed over the Weekend in their own home police say a female house guest. Attacked the seventy six year old woman and her eighty three year old husband police tell us that woman also tried to set several fires in. The home she was, arrested detectives. Are, trying to figure out what her motive was a search for a missing college student from Iowa enters day twelve we'll get. The update from ABC's Ryan burrow over the weekend. Investigators wrapping up a search of a hog farm they spent days combing looking for any evidence Molly Tibbets was there but to this point still no signs, of the twenty year old university of Iowa student Richard Ronnie's with. The I division of criminal investigation but this point we don't know her exact whereabouts we are hopeful that. She is still alive and so we will continue to think that, way until told otherwise investigators are hoping digital information from Tibbets social media apps and Fitbit will eventually lead them to. Her she was last seen going for a jog July eighteenth Ryan. Burrow ABC news KOMO news time. Eight thirty nine far from traditional politics a young Palestinian Teenager is reviving hope among her people for a better future she has just been released from an Israeli prison. After being convicted. Of hitting an Israeli soldier many Palestinians young and old feel inspired by seventeen year old ahead to me her stature soaring. In the context of so much disappointment with Palestinian leaders to me may have been initially praised for daring to. Hit an Israeli soldier but after serving eight. Months in jail it, is to me me, is passionate rebuke of the occupation and her determination to fight it that has turned her into a national leader to. Mimi says to help her people she will pursue a law degree Giordano Miller ABC news Jerusalem. Washington medical schools using a dummy to teach teenagers something other than CPR how to save some one from a drug overdose doctors said yeah KamAz Pacific northwest university of. Health sciences recently use the specialized plastic figure to teach high school students how to do things like muse Narcan to do it right, there for yourself Self. Was a little scary, fit we save the patient so it was it was really good student Cristina Vazquez.

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