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Call into your own radio program. It's been done before. I am the idol maker could happen. 1 806 368686 could also hit me up on Twitter and Instagram at Jim Rome. You know this, And if you want to shoot me an email, I still read those Rome ROM E and have take dot com. The interview has looked like this. Dennis Dodd at 9 40. In our number two. We have no interviews. Our number three we go back to back starting at the top deejay Augustine, Orlando Magic Point guard will be joining me top of our three right after that. Arizona Cardinals safety Buddha Baker. And I've got an episode of the General podcast coming out later on today Episode 1 39 with Bruce Feldman talking lots of college and even pro football with him, so look forward to that Wednesday's in a teepee day. Hit me up 1 806 368686 When we start the program by Doing a quick check in a nice quick check in Laker fan. How you live in What is your head telling you right now? Laker fan after you saw what you saw last night. Better yet better than my asking. How are you all live in? Where the hell are your car flags right now. I didn't see any on my way in this morning, And if you're staying at home, have you converted your car flags into house flags. I ask, because last night's game one against Portland did not go well, not well at all. That was Ella's first playoff game in seven years, but it looked like it had been about 70 years. Like so much for that notion that the seeding games were all about getting loose. And then you just throw the switch because you're the conferences. Top seed once the playoffs begin because last night they try to flip that switch, and then nothing happened. A fact I'm not even sure they knew where the hell that's which Wass. The Blazers, on the other hand, didn't have to flip a switch. This was not a case of the Blazer is leaving their hotel and jumping into a fight. They've already been fighting. They've already been knocking suckers out. Fight for them started weeks ago, and they just kept rolling. Man. You know how it is. Be ready so you don't have to get ready and the Blazers were ready. Get out quickly. They lead by double digits in that first quarter. Not that the Lakers didn't know about the Blazers. Not that the Lakers didn't know that that was a bad matchup for them. Not that the Lakers didn't know Portland ain't No. Eight. The Lakers knew all that, yet they still jumped out to a 16 point deficit. And look for a moment like Portland might just run them right out of the building. The Lakers right a sink the Blazers. Meanwhile, who were missing Zach Collins, We're handling their business on both ends. But then late in the first When the Lakers needed a jolt. There was only one place to turn. Not to LeBron. Not to 80. Not even to Kyle Kuzma. Nope. When they needed that shot of adrenaline to get back into the game. They knew where to go to get it to Alex Caruso, a k a. A sea fresh for these other teams. Damn Dude goes hard to the rack every single time. And yes, that you talk about this guy. Ah, lot. That reminds me back in the day when some clone rolled up on jungle favorite Terrell Buckley. And asked him quote T bok Man. Why is Rome always always talking about you on his show to which T Buck famously replied, And I quote I don't know, man. He just loves me. Right, Sam with a sea fresh. No, man, like I've never spoken to the dude. I just love him and sort of the Lakers because that woke down the hell up. They go on a run, and then they're down one going into halftime at that point, Laker fan, man. I know you're feeling pretty good. You just had to get loose. You just had to knock off a little bit of rust and adjust to the speed and the intensity of playoff Paul. I mean, hell, The Blazers had already been living that life for weeks. And their defense was better in the second quarter. Thank guy started hit shots and you Laker fans were thinking we've got this. We're good. We got this will just Nate D as this thing in the second half going there..

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