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This is a huge part of his game is his ability to draw fouls, and I know they've scouted. It they play the rockets four times every year. Like, they didn't seem prepared for it. Which was off the game the team that you saw play last night is that a team that can turn things around and actually maybe make some get some traction going here. And then know, no they missed their bench. They can't score because they're playing a style. I mean, they're not going to be able to maintain it. They don't have enough scores. I mean, they can't score one hundred twenty five and night hardened. Can't get you fifty and night. And who else are going to be those other guys? Typically, that's not the case. Nick brings out a great point. They're not one of the top ten most efficient offenses. And when they when they're not that they don't. Have a chance to be in the league team. We thought defensively they'd be around the middle of the pack last year they were in the top five sixty six so that right there that was phenomenal. Didn't get a championship. Because Chris Paul ends up getting hurt. They have not nearly approached those numbers offense of in or on the defensive remember few weeks ago. Daryl Maury was offering four first round picks for Jimmy Butler. I say that to say this the reason win like last night's important is if the rockets can just stay within grasping distance. I think Darryl make a move before the deadline. It's not gonna be four first round picks for player Jimmy butlers caliber, but I don't think they're done upgrading the roster because they know their window is this year next year because of the contracts socio with Crispell, so what they what they couldn't have happened was fall out of contact with those other teams in the Western Conference can play around five hundred through February or up to February. Then I think you'll see the team get a jolt via the trade deadline. They still had Trevor REEs up maybe they can trade for Marin Cooper. Coming up conduct Prescott. Speaking of which make it six wins in a row verse the calls Amari will be a big. That's interesting. Twin brothers any huge championship fights on FOX PBC, December twenty second only on FOX and the Fox Sports at no time. It is. It is time for stories to start your morning. And here we go back to last night. Mike Williams had a great night. And the chargers win over the chiefs. Call three touchdowns and the game winning two point conversion Chris Carter. How impressive was Williams night last night. It's one of the better days. He's had as a pro disappointment as the seventh pick in last year's draft because of injury came in from Clemson with a bad back. But if you you put partner him up with Keenan Allen now, we've Myskina now you got knocked out of the game early. But man, these guys young wide receivers they're going to make a lot of big plays for the charges last night without their top receiver. He's stepped up big. I was with you in Los Angeles couple years ago during the draft and you had when they drafted Mike Williams. I remember how highly spoke of hand there were three receivers. I think taken in the top eleven that your Mike. Williams, John Ross one other and I thought Mike Williams had the highest ceiling of disappointed last year because of injury but him and Philip rivers. And he and Keenan Allen they complement each other wealth far as size and skill set. You saw him break out last night in the biggest spot..

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