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It on the radio dot com app your home for the bears Kevin Japanese radio seven eighty one of five point nine FM WBBM news time three eighteen traffic and weather together on the A. tears neovia read only driving the limit on most of the expressways and toll ways will start on T. TA with overnight construction on blue line trains what you're running on the single track between the Clark in lake in day. and stops also the division station is closed until four this morning on the news you're looking good just ninety minutes and from what I cook in nineteen out the Kennedy a smooth trip twenty minutes either way between the big airport and downtown the here extension I won ninety looks good the Eisenhower clear road to on both sides twenty nine minutes to and from route three ninety no worries on the Stevenson just a half hour either way between three fifty five in the drive twenty back and forth between the tristate at lake shore drive I fifty five two will county a slowdown with on going construction between River Road and arsenal the day and ride I fifty seven the for all good so is lake shore drive on the toll ways nice and quiet along the tristate just the way you like it the Jane Addams toll way is in the clear so was the Reagan I eighty eight there is overnight road work set up piece bomb between Winfield and route fifty three in two right lanes the veterans toll route fifty three three ninety all clear so was I eighty is you make your way through Joliet eighty ninety four in northwest Indiana you spots like the way past Klein a look at that I sixty five that's fine the Indiana toll road in both directions between grant and cal you met that is road work in the left lane until the end of November get traffic and weather together on the aids every ten minutes on newsradio seven eighty a model five put out I found the WBBM accu weather forecast early this morning mostly cloudy skies with a lingering shower becoming more comfortable a low of fifty.

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