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Hearing Thursday roads confronted judge Charles Cunningham do your job not the more about me as what I'm saying well I mean you were about to sell roads once a new attorney in during Thursday's hearing accused too little metro police detectives of framing him for the crimes the brothers grandmother then confronted the judge four years road to schedule to go to trial in April but that will likely be delayed Suzanne Duval news radio eight forty W. HA yeah it's seven thirty three it news radio eight forty WHAS were heading now to London Kentucky that's where vice president Mike pence is going to be later today hanging out with governor Bevin and eating fish the two will be joined by congressman how Rogers and other candidates on the Republican ticket participating in the fifth district rally in fish fry at the laurel London optimist club this afternoon the event is free and open to the public in comes just ahead of president trump's scheduled rally for the governor Rupp arena on Monday new numbers are out today on Americans views on the impeachment inquiry and president trump's job performance A. B. C.'s Karen Travers at the White House with the details of the poll from ABC news and The Washington Post a new poll from ABC news and The Washington Post finds Americans are essentially evenly split on the question of impeaching president trump and removing him from office forty nine percent of Americans say that should happen forty seven percent say it should not but there are warning signs for both the White House and house Democrats in this new poll fifty percent say they disapprove of the way the president's responded to the impeachment inquiry while fifty percent say they disapprove of how the Democrats in Congress have handled it overall Karen Travers ABC news the White House ISIS has released an audio message add knowledge in the death of Abu Bakar al Baghdadi and they'd named his replacement Abu rebar ham I'll Hashimi owl crew Shari the terror group also issuing a warning to the United States A. B. C.'s Ian panel with their comments the group threatening the United States some morning not to be too happy or arrogance insulting the U. S. as close the joke of the nation's saying Americans face is controlled by a stupid old man who goes to sync with one opinion what is it with another back in this country the homeland security department speeding up work on the border wall project in South Texas and environmental waivers been issued to help build sixty five miles of new border wall in the Rio Grande Valley.

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