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Listening to Steve Forbes. Larry Kudlow, the economists over the weekend. Uh, Ways and Means Committee is coming up the Democrats Nancy Pelosi. A $5 trillion massive spending bill. Fundamentally transforming America. That is, That is what's called the $3.5 Trillion bill. But I have heard that, uh, there's uh There's more, uh more were costing 3.5 Right cradle to grave benefits but welfare expansion entitlements but no work requirements. It's going to be done in the dead of night without proper hearings. And you know how many pages it is, according to Steve Forbes, I'm going to guess 2500. 10,000 who I underestimated that No. One. It's changing constantly. No one will know what is in it. Uh, every tax you can think of will be raised and the small businesses will be going to have to taxes as I understand, Susan. Uh, seriously. One tax will be on everything that moves and the other tax will be on everything that doesn't move. Yeah, but but small business, you know that have made it through the covid emergency. They're going to be taxed basically. The private sector. That's where we get all the technology. The innovation. Uh, that's you know, that will shrink and government will expand in control. Pretty much well, I only I only have 22 words two words to say to you Mansion and cinema. First of all, if it gets through the house, and you know, there's a lot of Democrats now middle moderate Democrats in different states around the country. Who are now looking at the White House and say to themselves. I'm not so sure. I want to be running as a Joe Biden, Democrat in 2022. They may have problems with this, and Joe Manchin in the sentence, says he's not going to vote for the 3.5. Nor has Kristen Cinema. So, um Uh, I'm glad you raise it. I'm glad you raised that issue because I think it's so important and we will talk about that. I'm sure. Um, more as this week goes on, but you are right on the money. You're right on the money here. I'm very much aware of that issue. Susan and I think you know When I tell you, I'm aware of it. I'm watching it very closely. And it's not gonna It's not going to pass muster without commentary on this program. Yeah, guarantee you okay? One more comment. You're going to nationalize healthcare with Controls, price controls and elections. Exactly. Uh, there's no end to it. This is Well, Steve Forbes, the economist called it a battle for the soul of America. Demoralizing work, you know, according to Larry Kudlow, uh, so much for the work ethic ethic. Everybody will get free stuff. Well, thank you. It won't quite work that way. Some some of some people will get free stuff and the other people will pay for it. And that's what's called socialism. That's where we're headed Unions teachers unions will get anyway. All right. Thank you, Susan. Appreciate it, Susan. A keen observer on this program. Alright, Final segment Coming up. 617254 10 30 Triple 8929 10 30. Let's keep it rolling to midnight. I got Tom, Larry and Anna, coming up love to hear from you Got a little room at 617254 10 30. Also on the ladies line. 617931 10 30. We have not been out of state much tonight Looks to me like Susan is the only out of state caller tonight, which is on characteristic for nightside programs. So if you're listening in a far away place feel free to drop on by coming back on nightside It's nightside with.

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