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Town of groton orion krause charged with four counts of murder after the four bodies were discovered at a residence uncommon street when police were called to a report of a person in need of assistance the deceased are an elderly male and female and two middleaged women this is middlesex district attorney mary rian ride there are familial relationships we do not had that definitive picture yet been he said oh all right to senator blunt where he constant preliminarily that's way the pics it's believed that all parties were known to each other and that this is a tragic incidents of family violence the investigation is being handled by the middlesex district attorney's office the groton police department and the massachusetts state police as expected hurricane erma has come ashore once again this time the category five storm in cuba meteorologist larry kelly is with the national weather service in my and working herrman of now i've been upgraded to category five hurricane month again i with mexico stayed win one hundred sixty miles per hour and currently movie wet at thirteen miles per hour i'm and fact we are beginning to make landfall of note norton died of accua kelly says erma will continue its way towards the florida keys which could be seeing tropicalstorm force winds by the safter noon and the i have hurricane arm is now over the florida keys off of cuba's northeastern shores what is going on there is not clear but cbs news correspondent porsche cycle bomb in have vana says northeastern mainland cuba is feeling erbas fury very heavy rain paul restore a win here having tweeted the fbi director we'll her being glove off of bill hayden public yogendran home here who are being from dorm third and generally gabric who old building rude at all the truck to good in that area according to forecasts term is expected to hit florida tomorrow morning wbz tvs mike lacrosse is.

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