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GonNa that's not GonNa make it happen. No faster none of us have sat around and like man. Republicans really made life better for me in the last four years. Right because history if you've been around long enough to see multiple elections over your lifetime even before you old enough to vote you've seen how it without fail every time. Republican has come in office military. Spending has gone up way. Full spinner has gone up. They want to deregulate everything and WanNa defunte everything. They want lower taxes and we get in debt. It happens every single solitary high. You know what else we don't see this point in time and we haven't seen it for four years no one Republican Democrat and no one in in America. 'cause George W BUSH TO SPEAK OUT AGAINST DROUGHT. Come on nobody. It's Kerr is crazy right. Like we don't expect shit from now we really don't expect nothing from Republicans even if they are claiming that they're not down with trump that this is a. He's stolen their party. They will tell that line. Meghan McCain. We'll toe that line like it doesn't matter how terrible this man is specifically to her family. She still will find a way to be like well at the end of the day are more with him than I am with these Democrat. So this is what it is you know and it's kind of interesting that it always falls to what Barack Obama can talk to them and it's like they don't listen to him either you now so this is interesting. Also you know who? Don't call on Bill Clinton so for me. It's it's the fact that it's the nigger so you just won't to update like like you said like a POK Mon like a go out there and do our work go out there and be a mule and go out there and talk to these people but no they're not demanding any other president in the history that still alive to do this. Bill Clinton still alive. Don't nobody got say Shit. Just Barack Obama. He don't WanNa got to got to come out to pokey ball and address this shit anyway no reading Rainbow Music obviously today because that was just straight ether I guess it is Tom For a corona virus news I'm looking through here. I don't I don't know none of these white people songs is. What's so bad about this list? It is but I'm going. I've been going through care okay. I'm trying to scroll finestone okay. I found one. Here's a black one. You know us a debt. Ronan touch this touch this touch this looking down a bit.

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