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Do you have any GM any exact any fan Kliment is a better player? Now. He's not the shooter that clay is. But he certainly is a better defender, even though Klay Thompson put forth, great effort and is defending his own, right? Co is like, okay. So quite goes LA. Okay. Great. That's wonderful. We got eighty we got clay. We got Rondo we got the bronze. Right. Bring on the warriors. Let's go. No. That all of a sudden you're talking about two heavyweights in the same. Let's that would be amazing. But first thing they gotta do they gotta get LeBron's back. Lebron back. I should say. Here's Luke Walton talking about the bronze progress, we did three minutes. So. So we'll see how his body. I was Bobby response to that. And then we'll tell you take. As far as making those scrimmages longer. Or if he's a says, I feel great. See if I can play it will make those judgments, but there's nothing we're, you know. I'm on prep for tomorrow is if I got the same that I had last game, obviously when he's ready to go, then we'll get back in. So it sounds like he's getting close probably not tonight against philli. But the next game against the clippers on Thursday. And it sounds like that might be the time that he gets ready to go. So all of these other things swirling around the first thing, they gotta do is get LeBron back on the court, whatever he's back. He's back. I don't want this happens every every other day. He's got a speak on Winnie's comeback. If he's coming back whenever he comes back. He's back in hopefully, it till he gets back. They continue to try to make the necessary runs to win the football games. I mean the basketball game although teams Philadelphia's coming up, which is really really tough if they can somehow figure out how to steal that you know, because they can't still it if they figure out how to steal it. That'd be great. Worry about will LeBron's coming back. Right. Can't worry about the Brom. But you certainly fulfil what you want to do which is try to be competitive and Wendy's games till he does get back. They need cow back. I mean, they were hearts down. Do they were able to get away with it? You know, Phoenix because Phoenix and have their number one pick eight and was out. But these guys are coming back healthy, we need to have as many bodies as possible. So coups are number to score house. His hip is he ready to come back and the last game against Phoenix is the last game for the foreseeable future that they've got against an opponent like that..

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