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Go right so there there have been occasions if there's an especially long michael barbaro gap it may be because the words aren't there yet i say and so we're just waiting for someone else we're we're formulating it together but i'm but that's the thing i mean that was your style when you were an actual reporter i q the news is going to happen you're going to the boys everywhere that literally is no other questions the biggest reason why talk the way i'd do all right is because of my was because of my grandfather all right when i was young would critique any of the words that lots of people use like you know and he just knocked it out of my vocabulary so instead of doing those things when there's a gap which is a very natural say like or i don't say anything and so there are gaps because because he's so much for mattingly would interject anytime you know when we were kids childhood trauma right key care like he's like what like what what what was coming and and just it went a wet well so i don't use i don't use any of those scripts best one yvonne or or whatever you could have gone silent you didn't right right exactly so so you develop that in it's it's really isn't interesting style i mean i find it both intriguing at the same time every now and then i'm like landed my say jammeh they're used to say that landed landed landed cara right now landed the only thing is i'm i'm a pretty cautious i'm sort of a cautious person right no i'm not and so on i'm there's a lot of things iety and sometimes in what i'm asking in my asking right i mean the james komi interview was like the scariest thing i ever did you know because we're sitting there kind of psychoanalyzing him and and don't you see what the rest of right yeah yeah but there's a trick we do in the audio editing of the daily all right and sometimes i'll listen to it myself we'll group at at the show and and i'll say jesus michael finish the you know and we'll just cut out the gap okay i in google docs there's a word we use when i'm going on titan tight and so the some of the words some of the.

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