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MGM's Springfield and plain ridge park casino will all be closed overnight tonight the closures will last two weeks and the gaming commission will reassess the situation president Donald Trump kicks off today's White House briefing on the virus with an update on his under going testing CBS's Stephen Portnoy reports president trump in a White House briefing moments ago said he has been tested for the corona virus but he won't know the results for some time he hailed the passage early the this morning in the house of a relief bill it'll make more than fifteen billion dollars available to us immediately and disaster relief funds and that's available for states territories and local government so that was really really good the bill requires paid leave for workers stricken with corona virus of those taking care of loved ones who have it one journalist was prohibited from covering this briefing the White House physician's office walked around the room with a thermometer part of a new protocol reporter had a temperature of ninety nine point nine and was escorted out of the briefing room fifty two deaths twenty four hundred confirmed cases the latest count from corona virus new York's first fatality from the virus was reported to be a woman in her eighties who had already had emphysema a complicating factor leading to her death CBS news special report I'm Stephen Portnoy apple becomes the first major retailer in the United States to shut down stores because of the novel coronavirus pandemic ABC's Alex stone reports apple CEO Tim cook says the company is shutting down retail operations outside of China apple will go online only for at least two weeks in the U. S. and elsewhere in the world as part of the effort to enforce social distancing to keep people away from one another apple is also committing fifteen million dollars to help with worldwide recovery in China where the outbreak is calming apple stores have now re opened the company saying what apple learned there is helping it develop best practices for its stores in the rest of the world Alex stone ABC news social distancing during the corona virus pandemic may be overwhelming but CBS news correspondent Stephen Kaufman says a simple plan may help you tackle key tasks like grocery shopping the corona virus has some shoppers in a panic to get minutes with Consumer Reports suggestion upping for basic needs and cleanser cleaning products long lasting staples like rice beans pasta canned vegetables and shelf stable milk and don't forget over the counter medications keep symptoms of covert nineteen are fever and body aches and coughing so you base we want to have the over the counter medicines that treat those things don't buy anti bacterial soaps they don't kill viruses Stefan Kaufmann CBS news three American service members are among the wounded in a rocket attack on a military facility in a rock over night A. B. C.'s Elizabeth McLaughlin reports at least twenty five rockets rained down on camp Taji on Saturday it was the same location where similar rocket attack earlier in the week killed three coalition service members including two Americans that attack blamed on a Shia militia group backed by Iran with the U. S. military responding with air strikes that targeted the group's weapons storage facilities the head of U. S. forces in the Middle East general Kenneth McKenzie sounded optimistic on Friday that those strikes would make a difference we believe that this is going to have an effect on the tearing of deterring future structure this nature Elizabeth McLaughlin ABC news Washington time for Bloomberg business many U. S. consumers are taking a direct hit in the wallet from the corona virus especially those who aren't paid regularly during the newly declared pandemic I think I'm going to be late I'm not going to make ends meet my income isn't the same this month as it was last month those are the kinds of call Cynthia Campbell and her team are hearing more of lately she's chief experience officer at balance a consumer credit counseling agency in San Francisco and this week democratic lawmakers wrote fed chair Jay pal and.

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