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Got this i inhale fake near times yeah i will just i will just read a couple of paragraphs the washington redskins are under fire after new york times story revealed disturbing allegations about the way franchise officials have treated the team's cheerleaders with former cheerleaders saying the team made them vulnerable for the benefit of sponsors and big spending ticket holders the time cited five former redskin cheerleaders described at two thousand thirteen photo shoot for team calendar in costa rica at the shoot according to the report male sponsors suite holders observe cheerleaders posing topless or in body paint after a fourteen hour day of photos and dance practice ninety liters which shows into serve as personal escorts for the sponsors and suite holders at a nightclub the arrangement did not include sex very important and the arrangement did not include sex also present the nightclub according to the report where two prominent senior redskins officials senior vice president for operations lou rosenberg's has since parted ways with the team and president of business operations dennis screen stephanie jokin i hope i pronounce that correctly the director of the redskins cheerleaders denied she forced any redskins cheerleaders to attend the nightclub and contested the description the five cheerleaders provided now i'm going to assume chris i've read the time story i'm gonna soom it's much greater detail yes there's tons mischie joking quote on the momma bear and i really look out for everybody not just the cheerleaders too big family respect each other in our craft it's such a supportive environment for ladies then there is this is the only thing the redskins formally have said the redskins cheerleader program is one of benefits premier teams and participation professionalism community service even read each redskin cheerleaders contractually protected to ensure a safe and constructive environment the work are cheerleaders do in our community visiting our troops abroad and supporting our team on the field something redskins organization our fans take pride and that's the only thing they said which doesn't really not it doesn't deny all over the three of cheerleaders in the the girls the cheerleaders who talked to reporters aren't claiming that they were quote forced no the denial is plaza let's go to the history of cheerleaders in the nfl which begins and ends with the dallas cowboys cheerleaders who are national phenomenon in the nineteen seventies there were no cheerleaders before that i have no idea where it why i understand high school.

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