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Mentions And so i saw myself mentioned by our friend rich summer who I think felt somewhat vindicated this past week when anne hathaway as i'm calling now Any hathaway went on the tonight show and told jimmy fallon that she was always anne And the only reason people call her an is because when she joined sag put her name and she just put her name never realizing that that meant for the rest of her public life. People were keep calling her an But she was always called anti before she said the only time anyone called an was when her mom was mad at her. And so is one of those situations so i apologize publicly to reach summer for making fun of him for calling anne hathaway anne although i think we all had a good laugh at his expense and time on a comedy show but i and and let's agree that coming off the tongue. Anne hathaway sounds better than anne hathaway degree on that. Yeah yeah. I don't know. I mean it's kind of like you jimmy like i assume people called you jimmy when you were a little kid and then they stopped calling you that because you weren't a little kid anymore but then when you went into comedy you just put jimmy pardo and now everyone calls you jimmy and you don't think anything of it necessarily but when you become an adult most people dropped the e sound from the end of their name Because they're an adult now. It seems weird to your point met. I've wanted to drop it several times. That i've had managers and agents for the last thirty years telling me don't do that and i'll say it. Did jimmy just a little kid and they always go really johnny carson. You're right it. Seems like the only instance for some reason they. The name jimmy has become synonymous with late. Night talk show hosts and so it doesn't sound weird for a comedian. Like yourself to be called jimmy pardo and and the the name jimmy pardo has a rhythm to it. That sounds a lot better than jim spoke about. Many maybe even on this program. When i went to my very first open mic on the sheet. I wrote down jim pardo. Because that's my name. My friends rick. And jodi were with me and they went. No you're jimmy. We call you jimmy and You know what you're right. And i wrote jimmy part and i m y and then that's that's really the reason why that happened was those guys went with me to that open mic and they called me jimmy there around the mall at the record store and and i didn't mind it because it's like i'm not a little kid anymore but these are these guys giving me kind of a nickname. Yeah and it seemed more familiar to those people know. What a huge impact. They had on american comedy by by doing that. I certainly know that the they don't think they listen to this. Although jodi loves jimmy's records and tapes he loves that And then whenever. I say when he was like hey when you got to do more of those and i said well you don't worry about blah blah blah blah blah blah. This was between seasons. I said of course you know. Every week i got never not funny. I know okay i read it as i know like dismissively. But maybe he's like. I know i'm i listen. It'd be that to. Maybe he's just not in the market for a long form audio product. He just wants a short form video. He's also a big music guy. So i think that he enjoys that aspect of getting the part of comedy we spend twenty minutes talking about eighty s instrumentals. What else is this guy want to do. In fact that's the whole reason. I brought up the listenership. Dodie get onboard. I am excited. I wrote it down to five instrumentals. I did write that down for a future episode because that could be. Ah if i can find a story in my life that could fit into. That could work. I did by the way in the shower today. Him of another one that. I'm very excited about excited about a new topic. If if we ever get the cameras back out again and do some more jimmy. I hope it's not too private to ask. Where is jody is he on a vacation far away. Oh wait that's josie de guide right the the leaguer. The outfield died in the last six months. Chuck mangione no tony lewis. Tony lewis gareth. Did you find out if chuck mangione is alive or not. he's alive he's got he's alive While he looks that up. I will tell you this. The outfield has three members in the outfield. To are dead. I this isn't it. Looks like and the young young dudes. Yeah was gonna make baseball. I was gonna say that's great news for hitters. I mean they've got a. There's no outfielder thing anywhere. Chuck mangione still alive as art secretary. John ross joining us Friend of the show always great to see john. So we'll check with him. See what he's up to during this pandemic and go round. We'll get oliver's trivia question will do all that and more when we come back right after. This met once again. It's the new year new year. New fear now you want to get rid of your fears and here's a way to do it to be less stressed okay. I'm listening to head space. They're here to help you. Head spaces your daily dose of mindfulness In.

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