President Trump, Alvin Cole, Mensa discussed on Wisconsin's Morning News with Gene Mueller


Says there is sufficient evidence What What is the police officer Joseph Mental Disease of force against Alvin Cole was necessary. In a 14 page report. District Attorney John Chisum details how Cole reportedly pointed a gun at MENSA outside Mayfair Mall last February, causing men set a fire at coal. Chisum tells team J. For news. His job is to determine if charges could lead to conviction. Not justify the shooting. Just fine would be me saying whether it's right or wrong in larger terms. That's not the decision we made. In response. Cole's family attorney, Kimberly Motley says they will continue to fight for prosecution against MENSA. We're not done fighting still going to fight for conviction. Rusty Mellberg w. T. M. J News Toaster Police chief, Very Weber says his department agrees with the decision not to charge Officer MENSA in the death of coal, adding, There are protections for officers who have to make Split second decisions. The administration of Justice demands illegal and purposeful review of the facts that was done in this case. Chief Webber says his department's continuing its internal investigation of the incident that meant to remain suspended by the city's fire and police Commission. A state of emergency now affecting Wauwatosa. The nighttime curfew is in place through October. 12th from 7 P.m. to 6 A.m.. It includes no overnight parking on city streets. Gas stations will be shut down during the curfew while we toast the Mayor Dennis McBride, telling Wisconsin's afternoon news. People have a constitutional right to protest. But some of the protests have been peaceful and some have not. So we have to be prepared for the library in City Hall will also be shut down through the 12. We will get a live update from Arabic bride He joins us in just a few minutes at 7 21, the vice presidential candidates debating last night. They're one and on Lee the campaign season, BP Pence and Senator Harris with a sharp exchange about the president's tax records. I'm Tom 40. Although much of the vice presidential debate focused on healthcare and the covert pandemic, there was talk to of President Trump's taxes, recently reported by the New York Times Democrat Kamala Harris, You know, know that Donald Trump paid $750 in taxes. This president Pence who's paid tens of millions of dollars in taxes. The president said Those public reports were not accurate. But Mr Trump is not releasing his tax returns to prove that and now plans Go to the Supreme Court again to find another court decision to have them be given the local prosecutors in New York. Tom Foti. CBS NEWS Washington The next presidential debate between President Trump and Joe Biden will be virtual. The debate commission announcing Earlier this morning. Thursday's debate will take the form of a town hall meeting the candidates Khun take part.

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