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Injury report is brought to you by the salt institute we are getting close to be post all star break nba we don't know how many teams will be changing hands but what we are how many players we changing hands but when we do know is that very fixed games coming up on thursday night who now has some of the names some of the superstars to the role players more likely maybe pulled from these rosters at the last second highly doubt and that chris paul be involved in any of that but griffin's names been tossed around a bunch for the clippers though speaking of chris paul that torn left it ligament he older more quickly than what was originally expected he's been medically cleared to play and could return as soon as tonight against the golden state warriors at oracle well that depend on how chris beal his initial timetable with six to eight weeks but if he does in fact play against the warriors tonight to jump start the post all star break festivities that would be just have to the five week mark what if the adrian peterson and recovering from injuries wow there's so torn left thumb ligament takes the only five weeks to heal if you are chris paul he's been medically cleared to play in could be on the court tonight at golden state for letting it is a fun winter sport but driving on ice hero does not luckily fell being a snow he wrote get reduced accidents by have to eighty eight percent everything is better with a little salt.

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