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With ED milliband and Jeff Lloyd. We are getting opportunity for four hundred million of the unemployed especially the young men who have defended. Let them go into forestry plug prevention and if you visited Paul we killing birds with one stone. We have clearly enhancing the value of all naturally office. And it's the same time relieving appreciable amount of that Cuba stress and we have been serving. Not only are Matt. Believe that often. Hello Hello so what is what is that a mystery voice competition. That's your great Uncle Cyril. Isn't it tell us by great uncle? Cyril well as you could hear half dollar Franklin Roosevelt rather than your Uncle Cyril it. His fireside chats in one thousand nine hundred thirty three and Franklin Roosevelt was. The president came in during the. Great Depression basically decided. The government shouldn't stand idly by and not do anything to help people and put people back to work and put people back to work he did including the civilian conservation corps. Where I think I'm right in saying that three million Men and it wasn't men. I will put back to work in the in the great outdoors. That clip was from Ed's personal collection of FDR's fireside chats if you ever lucky enough to give you a lift somewhere. He doesn't have music playing in his car. He just has those on on the loop completely right as well as sort of back copies of the Labor Party conference and also and also actually sort of teach yourself Italian CD where. I've never really got Paul's the first one which chat Makina which we're all very good at saying but we didn't really get really too much pulsa anyway. The relevance will this this week. We're talking about youth unemployment and the impact of the crisis on young people the resolution foundation projects that more than a million young people could be unemployed by the end of this year in the UK. We know that young people are always hit badly by recessions but even more so in the current crisis given young people are more likely to work in the hospitality industry shutdown and elsewhere. So we're exploring ideas for how to create opportunities. Young People's we recover from this crisis. We looking at the lessons from the past including the new deal in America in the Nineteen Thirties and that civilian conservation corps. That I mentioned. We'RE TALKING TO HISTORIAN. David Welna about those lessons than we're talking to Anna me from the features foundation and Kathleen Hanna from the resolution foundation. We'LL BE ASKING THEM. How government can address the problems of youth unemployment today then finally looking at it. I really exciting idea for youth environment service. Which could both address unemployment and help tackle the climate emergency? We're talking to Martin more from King's College London that Oh sounds good. Do you want to tell us about your reason to be cheerful this week? If you're sharing the days you know I got quite into the animal memes in this in this period and my son. Daniel turning eleven on the second of June. I think I'm going say it's the perfect present but basically you can do at zoom cool with a goat the higher and so. We thought we'd have that do that on his thighs. Little family thing especially you can find out all about the goats personalities. there's Mary Ambivalence Limited attention span Turkey Fine Ping in front of you. Who just go I on but Young Cup is shaking Susan and naturally inquisitive fellow Catholic. Let's talk space exploration. What good farming on Mars excellent sci-fi International Space Trouble Camera headbutting? Anyway basically. I think there's a farm. There's obviously facing difficulties result of Corona virus and they've been relatively inventive and you can get spent time with the go. You can also hire go if you've got a business meeting and you want to go on your zoom call as well. This is fantastic. Especially if you've got a a difficult business meeting where maybe you've got some disappointing sales figures to show US something. They the dead cat strategy. Don't they way you put something Onto the table. That is such a distraction that nobody talks about what was going on in the medical ready and they know used as a political technique. This is far better. The live goats straps very good live goats dressy replaces the dead cat strategy. I mean positive umbrella. Lynton crosby lookout just not coming to but no you'll goats but the hopefully go otherwise would no longer be the live goat. What's your reason to be? Cheerful careful is so obviously my son's nursery at the moment so I'm spending more time with him even than I usually do. Which means more screen time than we usually allow him and found this great thing on. Cbgb's called Nick Copes. Cast where A friendly feller probably have a similar age to us Comes on and Kids Colin via videophone. It's all set up by these so called in by video phone and gave him a subject and he writes a song on that subject and they. They do a lovely animation. And it's just really lovely preschool children's television. I thought this guy looks. He's just got the look of somebody who in a former life would have been some kind of Popstar or in a band so I googled him and he was in a bank the candy skins do you remember them. I to say I told preferred their early stuff before they had those artistic tensions whether they were from Oxford. And I'm I'm guessing. They came up in the late eighties when you would been university there so you probably Dan. The front in the mushed wasn't much candy skin's gigs and yeah he was. He was the he was the guy from that band to. I always enjoyed back in the day and not only that he comes from a show business family. His Dad played up Kirk in Randall. And Hop Kirk deceased. Wow now picture addressed. Yeah that's definitely a reason to be cheerful kokoska question in this context of of our children. Which is is it. Okay to be economical with the truth about the tooth fairy. The reason I ask is the Daniel who ten lost a tooth. I don't think he told us he. The tooth under the pillow nichols nothing happened. And I've got to make a confessional. I've gone to increasingly elaborate methods to try and keep the mythology of the tooth fairy going including sort of saying the free phone number where you've got to ring in to say that there's been a tooth pulling out. There's been problems to do with the current lockdown and crisis for the to the tooth fairies in lockdown the not considered a key worker. So so that's why you think what's the sort of balance of well. Psa balance of kind of you sort of wool sort of wolf allowed. Fine I think people overthink this stuff. I think firstly. He is testing a little bit anyway by having. So he's figuring out himself but secondly I don't get too hung up about it because you know it's a good lesson to learn about life that life is full of lies and disappointments anyways. I mean how would it be how? How just get bear with me here? How would you feel if I said the written a sort of an article? We've proportion from the Guardian by Terry McCafferty and Bob Filling about the crisis of the teeth. Barry was I was facing in order to make it kind of make credible without the alright. Yeah I think we don't like to read the article. Can we put in the newsletters? I'm sure you could. Maybe Joe Can. The problem is that I saw but I kind of I kind of was in this from about whether I was pretending it was true. We'll just having a joke so I left interior cavity and Bob Filling. They then they then Google Bob Filling and of course feeling doesn't exist so it's stretching stretching credibility. I felt like I needed a bit of a raised eyebrow. It it I think is that they want to carry on believing in it because they're worried about the flow of funds stopping when they start believing in it and so it sort of slightly playing along with us. I think it's fine and I think if we ever need a week off what they call. Bob McCafferty Terry McCafferty and Bob Above filling. They can stand in for.

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